Witnesses describe deadly meeting

They say nothing seemed wrong

October 31, 2012 

LOUISVILLE — Documents recently released in the case involving the deaths of two men at a homeowners association meeting Sept. 6 in Louisville show people attending the meeting didn't notice anything wrong with the neighbor who is now charged with two counts of murder, the Courier-Journal reported.

One of those attending, Sally Leezer, says Mahmoud Yousef Hindi, 55, was "smiling and seemed pleasant." She and her husband, retired Louisville police officer Raymond Leezer, both said they noticed a satchel Hindi was carrying. Hindi has told police he was carrying a gun and extra bullets in the bag.

Hindi has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges and seven counts of wanton endangerment and asked for a public defender. He is being held without bond, and his next court date is Friday.

Raymond Leezer and board member Horacio Urieta said after Hindi fired two shots, they pushed him against a wall, and Leezer forced him to drop the gun. Sally Leezer went to the neighbors who had been shot. She told police she held the hand of retired federal highway engineer David Merritt, 73, president of the Spring Creek Homeowners Association, who soon died.

She said Marvin Fisher, who was shot first, tried to get up when she went to him, but she told him to lie down and tried to comfort him. Fisher, 69, a retired bank vice president, died days later.

Hindi told police he'd been treated unfairly by Merritt and Fisher, among others, in a dispute over a fence and a driveway.

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