Q&A with the Cats

November 7, 2012 

How many years of your life would you give up in exchange for a national championship this year?

Twany Beckham: Every year.

Willie Cauley-Stein: I don't know.

Archie Goodwin: However many it takes.

Ryan Harrow: I want it real bad.

Jon Hood: I don't know if I'd give years off my life, but I'd give up a lot just because I want to play in one.

Brian Long: Can't explain what I would give up.

Sam Malone: That's a tough question. Probably three.

Julius Mays: My whole college career.

Nerlens Noel: I'd give up some years. Yeah, I would.

Jarrod Polson: One.

Alex Poythress: As much as it takes.

Kyle Wiltjer: I'd give up my whole life. That was the best feeling.

How many years of your life would you give up in exchange for an NBA career?

Beckham: Every year.

Cauley-Stein: Quite a few? Definitely.

Goodwin: However many I could give up.

Harrow: That's everybody's goal.

Hood: I never really thought of years I'd give up.

Long: It would be an unbelievable thing. I have had the great opportunity to see some of my teammates go to the NBA.

Malone: I wouldn't give up anything to have an NBA career. I like where I'm at.

Mays: My whole life. That's a childhood dream.

Noel: I'd give up some years for that, too.

Polson: I don't know.

Poythress: As much as it takes.

Wiltjer: Pretty much my whole life. It's been a life-long goal of mine.

What Olympic sport did you follow the closest this summer?

Beckham: Basketball, of course. Gymnastics.

Cauley-Stein: Ping-pong.

Goodwin: Track and field.

Harrow: Basketball and track.

Hood: Men's and women's mountain biking, and men's handball.

Long: Basketball.

Malone: Basketball, but I liked all the sports.

Mays: Track and soccer and beach volleyball.

Noel: Gymnastics. Aly Raisman, she's from (Needham) Massachusetts. That really grew on me.

Polson: Probably volleyball.

Poythress: Water polo.

Wiltjer: Definitely basketball or ping-pong.

Who is better looking: Kate Upton or Kim Kardashian?

Beckham: Kim Kardashian.

Cauley-Stein: I don't know.

Goodwin: I don't even know who that first one is.

Harrow: Kim Kardashian.

Hood: Kate Upton.

Long: Kate Upton.

Malone: I'd go Kate Upton.

Mays: Kim Kardashian.

Noel: Kim Kardashian. I love her.

Polson: Kim.

Poythress: I'd say Kim Kardashian. I don't know who Kate Upton is.

Wiltjer: I'm not sure who Kate Upton is. Probably Kim.

What's the easiest way to irritate Coach Cal?

Beckham: Not focusing.

Cauley-Stein: When he's talking, not to look at him.

Goodwin: Disrespect.

Harrow: Don't go hard.

Hood: Don't listen to him. Do something he doesn't want. And he'll tell you about it, too.

Long: Hustle plays or lack thereof.

Malone: Mess up his routine. If his pen is not in the right place, everything has to be in perfect order. If it's not in an order, it really ticks him off.

Mays: Probably keep doing something he told you not to do.

Noel: Probably not going to class. I'd say something academic, right now.

Polson: Not do what he tells you to do.

Poythress: Don't listen to him.

Wiltjer: Just not listening.

How many followers do you have on Twitter?

Beckham: 20,000.

Cauley-Stein: 10,700

Goodwin: 24,000 plus.

Harrow: I deleted my Twitter and Facebook.

Hood: 18,900.

Long: Close to 7,000.

Malone: Over 10,000.

Mays: Almost 10,000.

Noel: Easily, I'd say around 60,000.

Polson: 25,000.

Poythress: 24,000.

Wiltjer: Like 45,000.

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