Election results: Fayette, surrounding county races

November 7, 2012 

Fayette County

Council/1st (NP)

Chris Ford 4,721

Marty Clifford 1,043

100% of vote counted

Council/2nd (NP)

Shevawn Akers 3,589

Brannon Dunn 3,218

100% of vote counted

Council/3rd (NP)

Diane Lawless 2,857

Stephanie Spires 2,117

100% of vote counted

Council/4th (NP)

Julian Beard 4,137

Sam Cox 3,216

100% of vote counted

Council/9th (NP)

Jennifer Mossotti 6,702

Bill Polyniak 3,449

100% of vote counted

Council/10th (NP)

Harry Clarke 5,823

Steve Nelson3,575

100% of vote counted

Council/12th (NP)

Ed Lane 5,946

Ralph Ruschell 2,101

100% of vote counted

Soil and Water (NP)

Vote for four

Teresa J. Hancock 48,719

Lillie E. Miller-Johnson 44,758

Gregory K. Johnson 41,961

Kenneth T. Cropper Jr. 40,735

Larry D. Swetnam 37,403

100% of vote counted

Bourbon County

Circuit Clerk

Beverly Hinkle Smits (D) 3,980

Trina B. Huston (R) 3,775

100% of vote counted

School Board/2nd (NP)

Randy Sparks 771

Terry W. Crouch 249

100% of vote countedSchool Board/5th (NP)

Thomas Winn "Tuck" Talbot 378

Robert Eskridge 197

100% of vote counted

Millersburg Council (NP)

Vote for six

Lorrain Smoot 168

Lee Hopkins 160

Eugene "Chuck" Kiser Jr. 151

Penny Barbee 141

Larissa Wells Buchanan 140

Nathan Scott Zingg 124

Joseph M. Land Sr. 70

Clay Hammer 52

100% of vote counted

Paris Commission (NP)

Vote for four

Wallis Brooks 1,819

Stan Galbraith 1,681

Tim Gray 1,557

Jo Ann George 1,545

Jim Long 1,491

Bart Horne 1,347

100% of vote counted

Clark County

School Board/2nd (NP)

Beth Griffith 1,728

Steve Graves 1,582

100% of vote counted

School Board/3rd (NP)

Michael McGowan 1,053

Debbie Fatkin 828

100% of vote counted

School Board/5th (NP)

Ashley D. Ritchie 1,361

Deanna Wolfe 1,020

100% of vote counted


Commission (NP)

Vote for four

Shannon J. Cox 3,860

Kitty Strode 3,549

Rick Beach 3,359

Kenny Book 3,154

Ralph Harrison 2,503

100% of vote counted


Are you in favor of a return to a fiscal court composed of the county judge-executive and six magistrates (justices of the peace) who shall represent specific districts within the county?

Yes 7,633

No 4,899

100% of vote counted

Franklin County

Frankfort Mayor (NP)

William May 6,117

Kyle T. Thompson 4,627

100% of vote counted


Commission (NP)

Vote for four

Robert E. Roach 5,483

Tommy Haynes 5,468

Lynn Bowers 5,111

Katie Flynn Hedden 4,602

Sellus Wilder 4,379

Michael Flynn Turner 3,773

Louis McClain 3,592

Jerry R. Bailey 3,170

100% of vote counted

Jessamine County

School Board/2nd (NP)

Amy Callahan Day 1,635

John P. Martin 941

100% of vote counted


Commission (NP)

Vote for four

Pete Sutherland 5,058

Doug Blackford 4,666

Andy Williams 4,658

Betty Black 4,454

Johnny Collier 4,277

Wesley Pike 3,335

Jesse T. Kennison 2,075

100% of vote counted


Are you in favor of the proposal to change from the current commission form of government to mayor-council ward form of government for the City of Nicholasville?

No 5,004

Yes 3,879

100% of vote counted

Wilmore Council (NP)

Vote for six

J. Leonard Fitch 1,664

Lynn Cooper 1,513

Jim Brumfield 1,453

Jeff Baier 1,411

Kim Deyer 1,399

Jeff James 1,306

Lynne Fuller 839

100% of vote countedMadison County

School Board/1st (NP)

John Lackey 2,717

Kathie J.R. Bettler 1,762

100% of vote counted

School Board/2nd (NP)

Becky L. Coyle 2,275

Jimmy Allen 1,553

Bill Phillips 561

Greg Mayo 410

100% of vote counted

School Board/4th (NP)

Mary J. Renfro 1,403

Christopher L. Hager 938

100% of vote counted

School Board/5th (NP)

Beth Brock 2,812

Robert G. Stephens 1,820

Debbie Secchio 1,017

100% of vote counted

Berea Council (NP)

Vote for eight

Diane Kerby 2,807

Billy Wagers 2,745

Violet "Vi" Farmer 2,665

Chester Powell 2,581

Ronnie Terrill 2,540

Chad Hembree 2,520

Virgil Burnside 2,487

Jerry Little 2,481

Robert "P Nut" Johnson 2,324

Richard Bellando 2,193

Brandon Rutherford 2,083

Jim Lucas 2,006

Jerry A. Knowles 1,165

100% of vote counted


Commission (NP)

Vote for four

Laura Durham Morgan 4,166

Robert R. Blythe 3,935

Donna Baird 3,706

Jim Newby 3,385

Jason Morgan 3,195

Bobby Johns 3,008

Don Jaynes 2,823

Richard Thomas 2,506

100% of vote counted

Scott County

School Board/1st (NP)

Robert Haley Conway 2,658

Janyce L. Seahorn 1,470

100% of vote counted

School Board/2nd (NP)

Jo Anna Fryman 2,212

Phyllis E. Young 1,306

100% of vote counted

School Board/3rd (NP)

Jennifer Holbert 618

Harold Jessie 556

Luther R. Mason 481

David Poer 399

Greg Earlywine 391

Darlene Rains 357

Karen Cropper 342

100% of vote counted


Council (NP)

Vote for eight

Connie K. Tackett 5,370

David J. Lusby 5,262

Marvin V. Thompson 5,147

Mark Singer 4,945

Mark Showalter 4,728

Karen Tingle Sames 4,592

Brad Penn 4,063

Kelly McEuen 4,020

Charles Bradley 3,718

Paul J. Kleinhenz 3,333

Marlene Rutherford 3,109

Stephen D. Price 2,857

Bruce Owens 2,736

James Fitzgerald III 2,335

George H. Lockard 2,199

100% of vote counted

Woodford County

Midway Council (NP)

Vote for six

Sharon Turner 453

Sara Newell Hicks 423

Grayson Vandegrift 406

Bruce Southworth 379

Aaron S. Hamilton 367

Daniel A. Roller 342

Doris J. Leigh 338

Kevin Locke 323

Steven Craig 260

Michael A. Ashton 201

100% of vote counted

Versailles Council (NP)

Vote for six

Ann Miller 1,984

Brian Traugott 1,896

Mary Ellen Bradley 1,785

Carl Ellis 1,740

Owen L. Roberts 1,731

Ken Kerkhoff 1,626

Ronald "Ron" Durbin 1,582

Nickie H. Shryock 1,574

100% of vote counted

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