Bowling: Nancy Hohensee, Kenny Stephens and Julie Whitaker inducted into Greater Lexington USBC hall of fame

Special to the Herald-LeaderNovember 17, 2012 


    Billy Short 741

    Eric Grimes 736

    Jerry Hatton 729

    Josh Mitchell 727

    Chris Maddox 723

    Kenny Stephens 721

    Frank Fitch 720

    Corey Gillespie 719

    Darrel Hunt 718

    Matt Burnett 715

    John Tepe 715

    Gary Friesz 711

    Matt Joyce 710

    Jason Cyrus 708

    David Bosomworth703

    Tom Thorer 702


    John Tepe 299

    Darrel Hunt 289

    Jerry Crowe 288

    Jerry Hatton 280

    Gary Friesz 279

    Shannon Hall 279

    Mike Moore 279

    David Bosomworth278

    Matt Joyce 278

    Jody Wafford 278

    Jason Cyrus 277

    Tom Roth 269

    Josh Mitchell 268

    Tom Rhorer 268

    Brad Williams 268

    Kenny Stephens 267

    Steven Fagan 266

    Chad Walters 266

    Ryan Shryock 266

    Jim Grant 265

    Rob Hawkes 265

    Josh Oram 265

    Casey Hall 264

    Billy Short 262

    Mike Fairchild 258

    Corey Gillespie 258

    Greg Bell 258

    Erik Thingstad 258

    Mike South 258

    Franklin Smith 258

    Eric Grimes 258

    Chris Maddox 258

    Carl Swinford 258

    Michael Thompson258

    Gregg Centers 257

    Allen Sparks 257

    Kerry Hines 257

    Jeff Napier 256

    Lee Stritesky 256

    Matt Cole 255

    Matt Cracraft 255

    Jason Uchwol 255

    Bill Curtin 253

    Junior Davis 251


    Melanie Johnson 765

    Danette Land 667

    Melinda Craig 662

    Jean Almaria 619

    Brandi Wright 612

    Pam Grimes 611


    Melanie Johnson 275

    Melinda Craig 266

    Brandi Wright 240

    Joanne Hendon 238

    Jean Almaria 234

    Danette Land 232


    Crystal Land 695

    Zach Schnieder 674

    Jacob Hulette 644

    Cameron Pettyjohn621

    Jonathan Gilbert 601

    Shaylee Carter 539

    Bailey Watkins 517

    Chelsey Stephens 506

    Sarah Doyle 502


    Zach Schnieder 279

    Crystal Land 267

    Jacob Hulette 250

    Cameron Pettyjohn245

    Braxton Hatton 243

    Justin Smith 234

    Bailey Watkins 211

    Sarah Doyle 202

    Shaylee Carter 190

    Chelsey Stephens 187


    Charlie Smith 257


    Charlie Smith 140

The Greater Lexington USBC held its 20th Hall of Fame induction Saturday Nov. 10 at the Ramada Inn on North Broadway.

Joining the hall were Nancy Hohensee, Kenny Stephens and Julie Whitaker. The three new members bring the membership of the hall to 57 since its inception in 1980.

Hohensee was inducted for her 32-plus years of work with youth bowling. Hohensee, along with husband Bill (Hall of Fame 1992), ran the youth program at Collins Bowling Centers-Southland from 1980 until they retired in April.

Nancy was the driving force behind the local high school bowling program and still coaches the Lafayette girls' team. During her bowling career, which ended a few years ago because of a wrist injury, she posted a high series of 702 and a high game of 268 and a high average of 192. She was a member of the winning team in the 1981 LWBA tournament and won the all events in the 1984 LWBA tournament.

She and Bill are only the second husband and wife to be enshrined in the hall, joining John and Sally Dunlap.

Stephens was inducted in the performance category, having led the Greater Lexington USBC men in average for a record eight seasons.

His highest average was a 240 during the 2005-06 season. Stephens holds the local record for high series with a an 879 rolled on Feb. 21, 2005 at Eastland. He rolled games of 300-279-300, with 35 out of the possible 36 strikes. Stephens has rolled 30 perfect games and 27 series of 800 or better.

He began this season by rolling an 800 the first three weeks in the Friday Night Fun League at Eastland. Stephens and his wife Stacey run the youth program at Eastland.

Whitaker is currently the association manager of the Greater Lexington USBC. She served as president of the old Lexington Women's Bowling Association from 1990 until 2010. She assumed the association manager job of the LWBA in 2011 and has continued in that role with the USBC.

Whitaker led the LWBA in average during the 1976-77 season with a 181 and again during the 1981-82 season with a 180. Whitaker was awarded the LWBA Woman Bowler of the Year Award in 1996.

On Nov. 4 Bill Hohensee and Ray Long were inducted into the Kentucky State Bowling Association hall of fame in Louisville. Hohensee is a a former ABC record-holder and winner of the second Bradley Open in 1980. Long has served the KSBA for more than 25 years and was its president in 2011.

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