Letters to the editor: Dec. 5

December 5, 2012 

Bluegrass generosity aids storm victims

Millions of people were affected by superstorm Sandy and thousands still suffer in the aftermath.

On behalf of the American Red Cross, I thank the thousands of donors from this area who made contributions to our relief efforts. Your generosity has allowed us to provide critical services.

I would also like to thank University of Kentucky coach John Calipari and WKYT for hosting the "Big Blue Nation Cares — Rebounding from Sandy" telethon on Nov. 7., which raised nearly $1 million, and the Xerox Corp. for staffing an iPhone bank.

Your gifts have enabled the Red Cross to provide aid and comfort to the many people still struggling. Shelters remain open and Red Cross volunteers are driving through neighborhoods to deliver water, food and relief supplies.

The Red Cross has served more than 5.8 million meals and snacks, deployed more than 5,800 disaster workers from all 50 states, distributed nearly 1.8 million relief items, activated more than 300 response vehicles and provided over 70,000 overnight stays in our shelters.

None of this would have been possible without the financial support of so many generous donors. The response from our friends and neighbors in the Bluegrass has been tremendous.

Terry Burkhart

Regional CEO

United Way

Conflicts with hemp

State Agriculture Commissioner James Comer's effusive praise of hemp fits well with the recent elections and state approvals of marijuana for medical use.

In this age of polyester, nylon, Dacron, etc., hemp is proven useless as rope for mooring and rigging. Perhaps the commissioner could give examples of its industrial use as auto parts, or agricultural use as fertilizer or food for cattle. He might suggest to our legislators ways to avoid hemp's recreational use that starts theft, robbery, rape and murder.

The conflict with federal law is another matter. There are good reasons for the federal law. Illegitimate products may mean greater profit for some, but prove calamitous for society. Kentucky grows better crops.

Rex J. Phillips


McConnell embarrassing

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell has continued to be an embarrassment to Kentuckians and all other Americans. When he was called by President Barack Obama on election night, the president was advised that McConnell was asleep and could not be disturbed.

What a blatant show of disrespect to the office of the president, even if McConnell detests the president.

For the last four years McConnell has been the nation's leading obstructionist of any program to help our nation and he declared a goal of defeating Obama.

McConnell's efforts have harmed Kentucky and helped to stymie the economic recovery.

We clearly understand that the senator is intimidated by the deteriorating Tea Party movement, but Kentucky's past great senators, like Henry Clay, Thruston Morton and Wendell Ford would have stood up and worked to help the people.

McConnell needs to halt his wandering in the wilderness, be productive to help the American people and the Kentuckians he represents and function in a bipartisan manner for the good of all.

If he does so, the Republicans can again become the party of Lincoln and stand for what is right, and responsible candidates will come their way.

David O. Smith


End obstructionism

I would like to challenge Sen. Mitch McConnell to do something constructive in the final third of his six-year term instead of continuing his obstructionism that has certainly not served the people he was elected to represent.

One thing would be term limits for senators and representatives, as the president is limited. Another would be to limit the amount spent on campaigning (vote buying?). I can dream, can't I?

Think of all the good that could have been done with all those billions. For example, relief for the victims of Sandy, education scholarships, health care for the uninsured, social services, the list goes on. And maybe some to those who are seeking peaceful means to resolve the many conflicts in our world today.

Beth Graves


Romney spoke truth

In my opinion, Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama because of his honesty.

Romney, unlike Obama, gave the same message to each and every group he spoke to about the right path to immigration reform, getting people back to work, small government. Forty-seven percent of Americans are being paid not to work at taxpaying Americans' expense.

My health supplement is rising at a great pace since Obamacare, and I'm on a fixed income.

Americans tell me they cannot get government help. I reply. "You are not illegal, that's why."

People, in my opinion, do not recognize truth. God help us.

Susan Washburn


Progressives digress

When the election was over it was a sad day in the history of America. Slavery is back and we are in bondage to the federal government. The pioneering spirit has left us, when hard work and initiative could create the American dream.

But this is what you get when you are led by a bunch of progressive idiots.

So, welcome to the U.S.S.R., the United States Socialistic Republic. That's not altogether true, though, as people over there had to work, and here they get their check without working, thanks to President Barack Obama.

The Democratic Party used to be a party with integrity. Now they are corrupt, led by a bunch of buffoons like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. John Kennedy is probably rolling over in his grave.

The crowd that gathered in support of Obama on Election Day, a young crowd, danced around in a state of euphoria when they heard Obama won, not realizing our country is going down the tubes. It was a sickening sight. Obama won but the country lost.

Doyle Glass


Voting socialist

Four more years of Barack Obama, really? What is going on in this country?

Yes, I know Mitt Romney wasn't the best person the GOP had, but he's much better than Obama.

I am amazed how dumb this great country has become — tax, tax and tax the workers and give free stuff to people who don't work for it. Pretty embarrassing the country has chosen this route.

We won't be able to recognize the U.S.A. in a few short years, guaranteed. People better watch it or we will have a tax rate of 75 percent like France. And don't act like Obama doesn't want that. People ignore his past, why? Because he can talk great with a teleprompter? Absolutely disgusting.

Luckily my vote didn't help Obama win again.

Josh Fields


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