Letters to the Editor: Dec. 6

December 6, 2012 

McConnell, Paul hit new low with vote on disabled

Just when you thought that Kentucky could not be shamed in the eyes of the world more than we already are, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul on Tuesday voted to reject a multinational treaty that states "nations should strive to assure that the disabled enjoy the same rights and fundamental freedoms as their fellow citizens."

This treaty has already been ratified by 126 other nations, including most of our allies throughout the world.

How can these two thoughtless human beings be this hateful and ignorant? McConnell above all, a polio survivor, should be ashamed. How many doors could have been slammed in his face but for the acceptance and support he's been blessed with?

But I'm not that surprised at Paul. He's lived a privileged life and his brain just doesn't think like most of us. Just a big spoiled child.

As for McConnell, let's hope that in 2014 Ashley Judd can finally bring back to Kentucky some measure of decency and respect.

Mark Waggoner


Three thank-yous

I would like to thank the voters in the Skycrest precinct. I have served as the precinct clerk for the last several years and during the last two presidential elections these voters have been tolerant, friendly and very patient. Their good humor and kindness made a very long day tolerable.

Thanks to Lexington Public Library for being open seven days a week. When I lived in California the libraries were open only during the waning of the moon or every other wash day (whichever came first).

Thanks to the people responsible for the double diamond on Harrodsburg Road. It really helps that the New Circle off-ramp traffic is stopped and a turn can safely be made into Beaumont Center. Before, the drivers coming off this ramp thought "yield" meant speed up and cause lots of wrecks.

Sondra Strunk


Hard to choose

Occasionally, I wonder if I'm a Democrat or a Republican.

I'm originally from Pike County. Everyone in my family is a Democrat. My uncle once voted for a Republican county attorney. He said, "If the good Lord will forgive me, I will never do that again."

Almost everyone in the county is a blue-collar worker (maybe "black-collar" workers) so it could be natural that I would be a Democrat. I wanted someone who would worry about people "from the bottom up." That would make me a Democrat, and that's what I've been all my life.

But I'm absolutely for smaller government and a balanced budget. Does that make me a Republican? This is the political side. Economically, well there's the rub.

Republicans think if you throw money in at the top it will trickle-down through the organization or society. The thing is, it flatly doesn't. It makes for 15 percent raises for school superintendents. I'm assuming the janitors and teachers didn't get 15 percent raises.

Trickle down doesn't work.

Recently a pollster asked me which party was going to win. I said, "the Democrats have the people, and the Republicans have the money. So I do not know."

A few years ago, we had companies too big to fail; the auto industry was going bust; houses were being lost. I was ready to believe that capitalism wasn't working. I may become a socialist.

Phil Scott


Cut cost of paper

I'm writing to ask for changes in the newspaper. I recently have started reading the Herald-Leader; I'm from Chicago where the newspaper is a great deal cheaper than this small-city newspaper.

I'm asking could you change the price of the newspaper to accommodate the lower-class residents of Lexington and make the sports section about more than just UK sports? Maybe you should also consider pro football, pro baseball, pro basketball and major league sports, too, so visitors to Kentucky would read it and not use it for papier-mâché.

I also have looked into your news section and have found your political views biased toward the Republican readers. I know Kentucky is a red state, but I am asking you to broaden your views for the Democrats because it also would look good to Lexington visitors to show this state is a great political melting pot.

Overall, I have to say the Lexington Herald-Leader is a great newspaper for the city and counties around it, keeping it classy.

Lemuel Harris


U.S. changing

I am 89 years old, I flew bombers over Germany during World War II and controlled fighters in the Korean War.

It seems to me that after the last election the country in which I have lived and which I fought to preserve will never be the same. I say this sadly, but it is true.

It is amazing how many untruths have come from our leaders like our president, our vice president, our secretary of state and the director of the CIA.

I am very discouraged about our country. I hope I am wrong.

Bill Morton


Hurting themselves

James Madison described faction (ie., political party), as "a group of men organized to procure selfish advantages at the expense of the community."

This country has few, if any, problems that could not be solved by rational, unselfish citizens. But when one group becomes so firmly entrenched within their own narrow ideas and biases, it becomes impossible to even hear another group's suggestions.

In the end, I believe, those groups so unwilling to listen and compromise not only hurt the general community, they also hurt themselves.

I hope the factions within our country today can look beyond that which they believe will serve their needs, and actually serve something much greater than themselves, the country.

Phillip Mulhall


Provide experience

As we all know, many people are out of jobs and looking to be hired. New graduates are one group who can't find a job because employers want you to have one year of experience. How are these graduates ever going to get any experience when no one will hire them?

Do you remember when you were looking for a job and perhaps you got discouraged because you were having a hard time finding one? I'm sure if some of you think back to when you were looking for employment, someone gave you a chance to prove yourself or you wouldn't be where you are today.

Why don't you help unemployment by giving new graduates the chance to prove themselves?

I know several in this category, and they have worked very hard to make good grades, have good references and, if given the chance, may turn out to be one of the best workers you have ever hired. You could at least look at their résumés and, if qualified other than with experience, give them an interview. Please help some deserving people.

Carol E. Roberts


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