Lexington bowler Gillespie rolls first 800 series with an 820

Special to the Herald-LeaderDecember 8, 2012 


    Corey Gillespie 820

    Lee Stritesky 799

    Ryan Shryock 794

    Chris Maddox 781

    Bill Pianovski 763

    Jerry Crowe 732

    Shannon Hall 732

    Allen Sparks 727

    Randy Johnson 724

    Kenny Hohensee 723

    Randy Wilson 721

    Michael Mynear 714

    Kenny Stephens 712

    Johnny Yazell 710

    Shawn Murphy 705

    Bob Conley 704

    Mike Hilvers 704

    Jerry Hatton 702


    Corey Gillespie 300

    Chris Maddox 300

    Lee Stritesky 300

    Brian Williams 300

    Ryan Shryock 290

    Mike Hilvers 280

    Randy Wilson 280

    Roger Coats 279

    Austin Shields 279

    Kenny Stephens 279

    Randy Johnson 275

    Michael Mynear 269

    Mike Lindsey 268

    Mike South 268

    Blake White 268

    Chad Walters 267

    Bob Conley 266

    Jerry Hatton 266

    Johnathan Smith 265

    Jack Welsch 261

    Bill Pianovski 259

    Johnny Yazell 258

    Jerry Crowe 257

    Kenny Hohensee 257

    Shannon Hall 257

    Jim Setzer 257

    Shawn Murphy 257

    Josh Coomer 256

    Cameron Ewertt 256

    Jason Cyrus 255

    Stephen Fowler 255

    Larry Slucher 255

    Allen Sparks 254

    David Kendrick 250


    Becky Flora 740

    Chrissy Maddox 720

    Melinda Craig 697

    Teri Tucker 679

    Jean Almaria 650

    Stacey Stephens 646

    Dana Mullins 640

    Brittani ScruggsBarber 630

    Melanie Johnson 621

    Danette Land 617


    Delores Lane 275

    Chrissy Maddox 269

    Becky Flora 256

    Melinda Craig 247

    Brittani ScruggsBarber 247

    Stacey Stephens 244

    Jean Almaria 236

    Dana Mullins 233

    Haley McDowell 232

    Danette Land 225


    Braxton Hatton 795

    Zach Schnieder 790

    Cameron Pettyjohn658

    Jonathan Gilbert 629

    Joey Mitchell 618

    Jacob Yazell 615

    Curtis Everman 601

    Sarah Doyle 587

    Tori Doyle 547

    Shaylee Carter 533


    Braxton Hatton 300

    Zach Schnieder 299

    Joey Mitchell 268

    Cameron Pettyjohn254

    Jonathan Gilbert 226

    Shaylee Carter 211

    Amy Connell 188

    Tori Doyle 183


    Wesley Yazell 440

    Nicholas Hearn 427


    Nicholas Hearn 177

    Wesley Yazell 161


    Charlie Smith 248


    Charlie Smith 126

Local bowlers posted a week of high scores, turning in five 300 games and an 800 series.

Corey Gillespie led the way, rolling an 820 series on Thursday Nov. 29 in the Strike Force League at Collins Bowling Centers-Southland. Gillespie tossed games of 279, 241and 300. The 800 is the first of his career; he has had previous 300 games.

Gillespie rolled his set under the watchful eye of his grandmother, Greater Lexington USBC President Helen Gilkerson. Gilkerson rolled the second 300 in Lexington bowling history in 1972 at Southland. She is a 2001 inductee in the Greater Lexington USBC Hall of Fame.

Lee Stritesky just missed an 800 in the Friday Night Fun League at Eastland on Nov. 30, rolling a 799 highlighted by a 300 game. Chris Maddox paced a 781 with a perfect game Dec. 4 at Eastland in the TNT League.

Brian Williams continued his high-scoring ways by posting his third perfect game of the season, rolling it in the James R. Wafford Memorial League at Southland. Williams has also rolled an 803 this season.

Youth bowler Braxton Hatton rolled a perfect game on Saturday Dec. 1 in the youth league at Eastland. The score paced a 795 series. The score is the fourth award score by a youth bowler this season.

Zach Schnieder came close by rolling a 299 in the Eastland youth league to pace a 790 series.


Jan. 5-6: The 34th Bradley Open Tournament at Collins Bowling Centers-Eastland. The event is open to the first 264 entries and the entry fee is $200. This is a scratch tournament with a first prize of $5,000 and a paid entry to the 2014 USBC Masters Tournament. Entry forms are available at all area bowling centers.

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