Letters to the Editor: Dec. 13

December 13, 2012 

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Shillito Park area becomes best of Lexington

When I moved here, I did not know the area very well, but if I had to do it all over again, I would move to the same place I live now.

Twenty-four years ago, Reynolds Tobacco Company owned the land behind our house. We worried for a while about what would happen after Reynolds left.

It could not have turned out better, thanks to Lexington's public officials. We now have Lexington Christian Academy and Wellington Elementary. Great neighbors.

My home is within walking distance of nearly everything one needs. It is a great neighborhood with good neighbors all around who look out for each other.

The other thing that makes this area almost heaven is Shillito Park. It was a good park when we moved here, but since then the park has added two of my three favorite sports.

Thanks to then-Councilman Roy Durbin and Vice Mayor Teresa Isaac, a disc golf course was added in the 1990s.

Thanks to former Mayor Jim Newberry and Councilman Jay McChord a 2½ -mile bike trail was added in 2010.

The park is very well maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department and I can't say enough good things about what a great job they do keeping the park in good shape for not only biking and disc golf, but also the playground and the facilities for baseball, football, basketball, swimming and tennis.

Lexington is a wonderful city to live in, and I believe we live in the best area in Lexington.

Timothy A. Cantrell


Run, Ashley, run

As a Kentucky citizen and an avid voter, I wholeheartedly support Ashley Judd's possible decision to challenge Sen. Mitch McConnell.

What has McConnell done to help the United States or his state of Kentucky? Helped the poor people? Health insurance? What about our economy? Why has he forsaken us?

We need Judd for senator. Not only is she beautiful inside and out (she smiles more than McConnell), she also is intelligent.

Eastern Kentucky mountains are losing their natural beauty because of strip mining. I can understand Judd's views on the coal companies and the miners who struggle hard to make a living.

I feel she has made a step in the right direction to want to represent Kentucky and is aware of the financial and economic issues that have been left undone.

I am proud of Judd. You go, girl!

We need her in the Senate. It should not be just a possible decision to run for senator — it should be decidedly so.

Dee Elliott


Negativity hurts GOP

What a shame to read Mitt Romney's excuse as to why he lost the presidential election to Barack Obama.

The Republicans have such a negative attitude toward everything that keeps our nation strong and a world leader.

The Republican Party needs to get rid of Sens. John McCain, Mitch McConnell and the rest of these deadbeats, and the Tea Party didn't amount to much of anything either.

Take their negative attitudes and change them to positive ones and see the change in working together to accomplish a more unified government.

Pete Herrera

Van Lear

Full of nonsense

Nonsense is increasing. This is not new. What is new is that nonsense is increasing at an increasing rate. This gain is similar to the expansion of the universe.

New nonsense is generated by inventors — very resolute and determined. He or she contrives some new angle or absurdity never before heard or seen.

This interesting process is labeled Creative Origin of Improbable Nonsense.

A remarkable effect then takes place: as nonsense increases, accurate information becomes more valuable. This is known as the Reason Pullback.

Wild nonsense was found to have a multiplier effect. The more absurd the claim, the more newsworthy it becomes. This is the well-known Exaggeration Explosion.

Study of nonsense in the laboratory has resulted in abrupt work stoppages — because technicians begin laughing in huddles and guffawing in cubicles. Laughter indicates nonsense has been discovered.

Perfect nonsense has not yet been developed. This point is reached when everyone believes it.

Risto Marttinen


GOP hijacked

Sen. Mitch McConnell wasted the last few years spending all his time on radio and television to emphasize his No. 1 objective, which was to make President Barack Obama a "one-term president."

The real tragedy is that he wasted his time by offering nothing to make life any better for his constituents.

I am a Republican, but McConnell and others have hijacked the party to the point that it is not recognized anymore.

For these reasons, I believe we need to start thinking about making this the last term for the senator and his big war chest.

Murrell W. Thornton


McConnell tone deaf

The American voters did three things that the "Repugnicans" (politicians who are Republican in name only) can't seem to get their heads around.

■ Re-elected President Barack Obama for a second term.

■ Added to the Democrats' majority in the Senate.

■ Added to the number of Democrats in the House of Representatives.

One would think that is a loud enough message for all but the most tone deaf to hear.

Listening to Sen. Mitch McConnell on the talk shows, one wonders if he is indeed deaf.

It is time for him to do his job and begin representing the interests of the majority of the American people.

The tax cuts under George W. Bush were to be temporary. It's time to begin paying back the treasury for the two wars and Medicare prescription drug benefit Republicans put on the credit card.

The place to begin is rolling back the tax cuts for the wealthy and limiting deductions and tax loopholes that benefit only small numbers of Americans.

Letting temporary tax cuts expire is not a tax increase, it's natural progression.

A recent MSNBC poll showed that Obama has a 52 percent approval rating while Congress has an 18 percent one. Before the election, Congress's approval rating was between 8 and 10 percent.

The Republicans lost seven House members and two in the Senate.

It's as if each loss represented a 1 percent boost in Congress's approval rating. I would bet McConnell's exit would result in an even larger increase.

Charles A. Bowsher


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