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December 13, 2012 

It could be a robbery or domestic violence call, or it could be a case of road rage gone wrong. Every year, Lexington's finest are dispatched to about 330,000 calls. Officers never know what type of call they will be sent to, but occasionally, they are far from routine. Police officers must be ready for anything.

The Tweets on this page are created from actual calls to Lexington police. More times than not, they respond.

■ Man reportedly asked a pedestrian for $1. When pedestrian refused, the man smacked him in the head and drove off.

■ Report of a woman who is "armed with a rake" on Richmond Road"

■ A "peeping Tina" is reportedly looking into a man's windows and kicking at his door.

■ Man who drank pint of vodka headed to hospital. "His chief complaint is he was hit in the head with a fist."

■ Police investigating a report of a man walking around with a cane saying he "has women for sale."

■ Report of a man in white T-shirt and jeans at Nicholasville Road Wal-Mart who "continues to expose himself."

■ Report that someone is throwing bottles of water at pedestrians from a parking garage.

■ Report of a woman who slapped a bar patron who said she couldn't smoke in the bar.

■ Report of a man on Old Georgetown smoking a cigar, standing in the middle of the road and refusing to move.

■ Reportedly 2 people who don't like each other got into an argument, and one poured egg nog on the other's car.

■ A woman called for an ambulance because she reportedly was "intoxicated and stuck on the toilet."

■ A man reported his neighbor "keeps stealing his toilet paper and changing his channels."

■ Report of a neighbor who videotapes her canine. Sometimes her children are present when he tapes the canine.

■ A man in a black zip-up sweatshirt was "talking out of his head" and skipped out on his meal at a downtown restaurant

■ Report of women feuding over cats. Cats cause one of the women to have seizures.

■ A woman called police to report she found some crack on a picnic table.

■ A man reportedly hit an employee in the head and tried to steal the tip jar at a downtown pizza restaurant.

■ Lex. police looking for man who reportedly stabbed himself in neck w/ a fork and was walking around Elm Tree Ln.

■ A caller reported to police that two people were "having intimate relations" in a church.

■ A Lex. man is on way to hospital after drinking a pint of whiskey and shooting off a shotgun in his house.

■ Woman reports she has two out-of-control granddaughters.

■ A startled resident reported seeing two men dressed as scarecrows walking through a parking lot.

■ Report of juveniles throwing walnuts at vehicles.

■ Report of suspect in wheelchair swinging a piece of wood at people and throwing glass in the road.

■ Report of a brother who is arguing with his sister. Mother is scared so she left the house.

■ Police looking for a woman in a blue nightgown who is reportedly "rubbing herself on vehicles."

■ Report of woman walking w/a pit bull attached to extension cord, yelling at people and trying to get dog to fight.

■ Report of a woman hanging out the window of a car w/ a Bible, screaming and yelling at people.

■ EMTs en route to house where a person saw a spider and is "flipping out." Possibly drug related.

■ Report of a woman who is upset because someone has been talking about her on Facebook.

■ Report of a man climbing around in traffic, thinking he is in war.

■ Report of a man approaching women saying "I don't want to rob you; I just want to talk."

■ Report of a man who has swollen lips, possibly from smoking cheap cigars.

■ Man attempted to rob pizza delivery driver w/ a toy gun. Gun had orange tip on barrel. Victim did not comply.

■ Report of a man "going door to door, talking to people about Jamaica."

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