Letters to the Editor: Dec. 14

December 14, 2012 

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Show Rand Paul how 'damn too liberal' we can be

Let's roll, Kentuckians.

Sen. Rand Paul's public announcement that Ashley Judd is "way damn too liberal for our country and state" means only good things ahead for Kentucky. C'mon home, Ashley Judd. We need you. Take your pick of senators to oppose, but choose the one with the "one-term president" legacy.

As a recent letter to the editor began: "Just when you thought Kentucky could not be shamed in the eyes of the world more than we are, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul voted to reject ..." (fill in blank with your favorite embarrassment. Mine: McCon nell filibustered himself).

Let's show 'em how "liberal" (read: smart) we are by declaring 2014 as Kentucky's Decade (a year won't do it) of Women.

Encourage and support progressive women and minorities to campaign for public office by opening up a lot of running room for them.

How? Turn out of office those pledged to represent special interests, in direct conflict with the oath of office to represent their constituents.

Ever hear of Grover Norquist's pledges to not raise taxes? Erasing those pledges will clear out about half the legislature and nearly all of Kentucky's congressional delegation.

Which state legislators introduced and/or promoted corporate-written and funded American Legislative Exchange Commission's "model" bills? The clearing-out list goes on, if we citizen voters do our proper vetting.

Envision this: Hillary Clinton as president. In Kentucky: Crit Luallen, governor; Ashley Judd, senator and half of the congressional delegation and state legislature as progressive women and minorities.

Ramona Rush


McConnell fumbles

Mitch McConnell is the leading fumbler in U.S. Senate history. Last week he was for allowing a vote to determine if the president would have the power to hike the debt ceiling limit and the same day he flip-flopped and filibustered against having the vote.

He is senator in a state with many health care problems of an aging population, of a state in need of improved education and economic development, and yet his main priority is to obstruct, procrastinate and filibuster.

He protects the rich and powerful while serving people who need more technical training and skills. His friends are the elite and 2 percent.

He and his party sent our precious men and women to war to fight, die and be maimed and at the same time cut the taxes of the rich and powerful.

I agree with the letter by David O. Smith, McConnell is an embarrassment to all of us.

Bob Terrell


I am of the opinion that Sen. Mitch McConnell is a disgrace to the U.S. Senate and to the state of Kentucky.

Pablo Garcia

San Antonio, Texas

GOP's blind side

How come Republicans never look at things the way we poor, hard-working people do? We all need to stop being obstructionists and doing nothing. Begin to compromise and work for the betterment of all the people. Stop preaching our own poisonous venom

This country is sick and tired of super PACs trying to have their own way. We want actions that will benefit the everyday commoners.

We all agree on one thing: The rich need to be taxed at a higher level. What are they scared of?

Do they not want to do their share of making this a better country for us all, instead of the 2 percent being the only ones enjoying the milk and honey of the land?

Victor Privett


Restore filibuster rules

The U.S. Senate is one body where the majority cannot always pass legislation. Under current rules, a single individual can threaten a filibuster and effectively kill a bill.

Under Mitch McConnell's leadership, this cowardly filibuster has been used 387 times in the past three sessions. It takes a 60-vote bipartisan majority to overcome a filibuster. No wonder so little gets done.

In January, the Senate will review its operating rules. Progressive senators would like to restore the old filibuster rules, which required the objecting colleague to actually take the floor and speak. Remember Jimmy Stewart's scene in the film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?

Support Sen. Dick Durbin's petition to restore the rules. The change will restore productivity and help speed the legislative process. Plus, it would compel the obstructionists to pontificate for hours before the public on CSPAN. Go to Dickdurbin.com to sign the petition.

Stacy V. Bearse


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