Advocates seek nursing home for vets in Bowling Green area

December 27, 2012 

BOWLING GREEN — Advocates are seeking a nursing home for veterans in south-central Kentucky.

The Daily News reported that Ray Biggerstaff of Alvaton and Col. Robert Spiller of Oakland have spoken to Bowling Green commissioners and Warren County officials in their effort to bring such a facility to the area. They have gotten dozens of letters from supporters who include leaders like Warren County Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon, Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson and Warren County Sheriff Jerry "Peanuts" Gaines.

Biggerstaff says they are still working on getting enough land donated so that Bowling Green can get to the top of a list of cities competing for the next veteran's nursing home in Kentucky. He says a piece of land between 10 and 30 acres is needed.

Spiller says a veterans' nursing home would allow vets to pay based on their resources. He said the cost at facilities dedicated to veterans tops out at about $3,700 a month, but other nursing homes can be a lot costlier.

"Our veterans don't have that kind of money," Spiller said.

In addition, Spiller said all exiting veterans' nursing homes are more than an hour's drive from Bowling Green.

Buchanon told the men last week that he would have county staff look for land that could be used for the project.

"I know that you all have worked on this for a number of years, and it's something that needs to be done, particularly in light of the aging demographic," Buchanon said.

Kentucky has three nursing homes for veterans; they are in Wilmore, Hazard and Hanson. A fourth facility is planned in Radcliff.

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