January 14, 2013 

Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Ginger Harris, 2424 Main Street. 13-10001.

Eric S. Mauk and Jennifer Mauk, Morehead. 13-10002.

Stanley Brian Hill and Kimberly Faye Hill, West Liberty. 13-10003.

Kevin Wallace Harvey, 6820 Kent Drive. 13-10004.

Mariam Al-Omari, 3620 Leighwood Drive. 13-10005.

Scott Alan Smith and Stephanie Danielle Smith, Catlettsburg. 13-10006.

Elizabeth Ann Miller, Morehead. 13-10007.

Christine Hamilton, Greenup. 13-10008.

Chillers Hamilton, Greenup. 13-10009.

Frankfort Division

Jennifer G. Barbee, 232 Forest Ridge Drive. 13-30001.

Michael Isaiah Jordan and Layna Suzanne Jordan, 75 Bridgeport Benson Road, Unit A. 13-30002.

Kathy D. Gosney, Lawrenceburg. 13-30003.

Christopher D Clark, 120 Cypress Drive, No. 2. 13-30006.

Steven M. Forbes and Wendy Forbes, Lawrenceburg. 13-30007.

William Robert Plummer and Tracy Denise Plummer, Shelbyville. 13-30008.

Christopher Lee Cooper, Pleasureville. 13-30009.

James Patrick Stamos and Martina Lynn Stamos, 1050 Quarter Mile Way. 13-30010.

Sara Elizabeth Caballero Young, Shelbyville. 13-30011.

Lexington Division

Kenneth Pugh and Jessica Pugh, Frenchburg. 13-50001.

Nehri Qazimi, Richmond. 13-50002.

Callie Harris, 791 Breathitt Avenue. 13-50003.

Michael Brutsky, Richmond. 13-50004.

Daphne Marie Sparks, Irvine. 13-50006.

Phillip B. Carter, Nicholasville. 13-50007.

Gary Prows and Linda Prows, Stanford. 13-50009.

Susan R. Peck, 2800 Alumni Drive, No. 105. 13-50010.

Annette Reed, Stanton. 13-50011.

Nancy Elizabeth Kirkwood, 3621 Keystone Court. 13-50012.

Keisha Malinde Johnson, Danville. 13-50013.

Melissa L. Fowler, 3825 Landridge Drive. 13-50015.

Bruce Colbert and Betty P. Colbert, Berea. 13-50016.

Ariahna Blaise White, Richmond. 13-50017.

Ronald Wade Moore, Clay City. 13-50019.

Jay Carter Thomason and Dara Leeanne Thomason, Berea. 13-50023.

Langston Payton, 668 North Upper Street. 13-50025.

Katherine Lynn Reid, 190 Beverly Avenue. 13-50026.

Mandy Laine Hines, Winchester. 13-50029.

Glenda G. Lacy, Stanton. 13-50030.

David Lee Pierson, Winchester. 13-50031.

Tara Christine Stingel, Richmond. 13-50032.

Bonnie Marie Fox, Winchester. 13-50036.

Thomas Staley and Patricia Staley, Nicholasville. 13-50037.

Jennifer Faith Woolery, Irvine. 13-50038.

Grant Gilbert and Shirley Louise Gilbert, Berea. 13-50039.

Philip J. Marsh and Sherita L. Marsh, Winchester. 13-50043.

Anthony Todd Lawson, 1550 Trent Boulevard, No. 314. 13-50044.

Bridget Leece, Winchester. 13-50045.

London Division

Barbara Ann Napier, Keavy. 13-60001.

Hayden L. Anna and Harold G. Hayden Jr., Pineville. 13-60002.

Carolyn Evelyn Messer, Corbin. 13-60004.

Ferne W. Flynn, Somerset. 13-60005.

Sherry Bailey, Bronston. 13-60006.

Timothy A. Irvin Jr., Science Hill. 13-60008.

Ronnie J. Vaughn and Kathleen L. Vaughn, Somerset. 13-60009.

James Sexton and Betty Sexton, Bonnyman. 13-60010.

Damon Hickman and Tammy Hickman, Hazard. 13-60011.

Steve Adams, Wooton. 13-60012.

Darin Brown and Lisa Michelle Tuttle-Brown, Corbin. 13-60013.

Karen Couch, Bonnyman. 13-60014.

Luther Douglas Curry and Helen Sue Curry, P.O. Box 2856. 13-60016.

John Emmanuel Hall and Miranda Leann Hall, Corbin. 13-60017.

Marty J. Jordan and Bridget Marie Jordan, Gray. 13-60018.

Geraldine Smith, 774 Pine Grove School Road. 13-60019.

Ricky Allen Inman, Gray. 13-60020.

Shanda Renee Price, Corbin. 13-60021.

Jacob A. Genoe and Alisha A. Genoe, Whitley City. 13-60023.

Heather Marie Wyatt, Revelo. 13-60026.

Rosalind Kaye Pierson, Tyner. 13-60027.

Brenda Jean Roberts, Bronston. 13-60028.

Anthony Byron Conlin and Linda Sue Conlin, Williamsburg. 13-60030.

Tommy Clark Smith and Lisa Ann Smith, 601 Hawk Creek Road. 13-60031.

Daniel D. Meadows and Tammy L. Meadows, Whitley City. 13-60032.

Michael P. Howard, Whitley City. 13-60033.

Karen K. Hughes, Pine Knot. 13-60034.

Michael Anthony Bradley, Mount Vernon. 13-60035.

Pikeville Division

Mitzi Ann Jervis, Prestonsburg. 13-70001.

Judy Keeton, Salyersville. 13-70002.

Leslie Ann Easterling, 64 Elizabeth Lane. 13-70003.

Ronald Ray Hurley, Regina. 13-70004.

Melissa A. Vass, P.O. Box 4475. 13-70006.

Robert Lester and Joyce Lester, Steele. 13-70007.

Stella Ruth Schnitzler, Prestonsburg. 13-70008.

Brenda Blankenship, 130 Stone Drive. 13-70009.

Janet Louise Perkins, Salyersville. 13-70010.

Donald Ray Setser, Inez. 13-70011.

Chapter 13

Frankfort Division

Abigail L. Mitchell, 3040 Bald Knob Road. 13-30004.

Thomas J. Noland and Annie B. Noland, 725 Moss Lane. 13-30005.

Oscar Otis Robertson and Jamie Lynn Robertson, Worthville. 13-30012.

Lexington Division

John Wesley Chenault and Shirley Ann Chenault, 1952 Kingtree Drive. 13-50005.

Jessica M. Allinder, 3551 Lochdale Terrace. 13-50008.

Kenneth Scott Kelly and Helen Kathryn Kelly, 2961 Mt. McKinley Way. 13-50014.

Rachel A. Catchings, Flemingsburg. 13-50018.

Larry McKinney and Frances McKinney, Danville. 13-50020.

Shauna Danielle Sparks, Irvine. 13-50021.

Andy F. Buzzard and Melissa K. Buzzard, Flemingsburg. 13-50022.

Roman R. Johnson and Lisa Anne G. Johnson, Berea. 13-50024.

Ronald Douglas Ritchie and Lisa W. Ritchie, 125 St. Phillip Drive. 13-50028.

Clyde Larry Bryant, Versailles. 13-50033.

Stephen Welch McLean and Deana Carole McLean, 633 Bellcastle Road. 13-50034.

Brenda G. Huff, Harrodsburg. 13-50035.

Gary Lamar Ward and Barbara Louise Ward, 2277 Market Garden Lane. 13-50040.

James A. Mason Jr. and April Dawn Mason, Harrodsburg. 13-50041.

Bonita Ann Morton, 2852 Sullivan's Trace. 13-50042.

London Division

James Michael Morris, P.O. Box 2582. 13-60003.

Bob Roberts Jr. and Rita D. Roberts, Stearns. 13-60007.

Billy Harold Holliman, Pineville. 13-60015.

Nicole Renee Sparks, Annville. 13-60022.

Jerry Halcomb, Calvin. 13-60024.

Robert Anthony Carosello and Misti Ann Carosello, Brodhead. 13-60025.

Ralph Donald Williams and Judy Carole Williams, Annville. 13-60029.

Pikeville Division

Charlotte A. Clevinger, 289 Lykins Creek Road. 13-70005.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo

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