West Sixth Brewing to release a second canned beer: amber ale

January 14, 2013 

West Sixth Brewing's Amber Ale.


Lexington's West Sixth Brewing Co., which opened in April 2012, announced Monday that it will soon release a second canned beer for sale in retail stores.

West Sixth Amber, an amber ale, will follow the company's India pale ale. It has been available on draft at bars recently and received a strong reception, co-owner Ben Self said.

"The amber really balances out our portfolio," he said. The beer should be available in stores in the next few weeks, he said. "We've finished the can design now and are going through the printing process."

The can was designed by Brian Turner of Cricket Press and resembles the brewery's India pale ale can, although it's a different color and uses grains instead of hops in the design.

There have been discussions for a third canned beer, Self said, but the owners are "still having internal debates about that one." But, "there's no doubt we'll continue to expand our offerings."

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