February 4, 2013 

Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Lesa Marie McDowell, 2033 Central Avenue. 13-10016.

Brandon Ray Graham, Morehead. 13-10018.

Christopher I. Gauze and Charlene Gauze, 505 Ellington Court. 13-10019.

Tammie L. Parish, Olive Hill. 13-10020.

James S. Litton, Morehead. 13-10022.

Frankfort Division

Leesa Lynn Parrish, 8000 John Davis Drive, No. 1703. 13-30027.

Jason M. O'Brien and Jamie L. O'Brien, 1034 Bittersweet Lane. 13-30029.

Steven T. Diekman and Rebecca J. Diekman, Lawrenceburg. 13-30033.

Lorin J. Waller, 2838 Switzer Road. 13-30035.

Odis W. Satterley and Shauna M. Satterley, 110 Springside Court. 13-30036.

Lexington Division

Jonathan Lee Griffett and Casey Renee Griffett, Winchester. 13-50124.

Odell Sams Jr., Nicholasville. 13-50125.

Roy M. Hensley and Kerri W. Hensley, Berea. 13-50126.

Sam A. Jones, Jackson. 13-50127.

Melissa R. Good, Danville. 13-50128.

Phillip W. Trumbo and Glenda A. Trumbo, 2081 Old Paris Road. 13-50129.

Clarence McKinney and Linda K. McKinney, Winchester. 13-50130.

Justin R. Chambers and Crystal M. Chambers, Danville. 13-50131.

David Martin Treadway, Irvine. 13-50132.

John Campbell and Becky Michelle Campbell, Stanford. 13-50133.

Manlius Porter Neal IV and Janis Dale Neal, 174 North Mt. Tabor, No. 213. 13-50134.

Michelle D. Purnell, 364 Lima Drive, No. 44. 13-50136.

Manual K. Vanhook and Tammy C. Vanhook, Hustonville. 13-50137.

Christina Carta Dominguez, 3360 Valhall Drive. 13-50139.

Lonnie Wade Sheets and Stephanee Diane Sheets, 500 Stone Creek Drive. 13-50142.

Juanita L. Phillips, Georgetown. 13-50143.

Debra Sharp Hensley, 2270 Tucson Drive. 13-50144.

Stacey D. Rees, 828 Malabu Drive, No. 309. 13-50146.

Tawn Elizabeth Chance, 2192 Winterberry Drive, Unit B. 13-50150.

Pam Chaney, 1722 Foxborough Circle. 13-50151.

Joseph F. Riddell and Marcelle B. Riddell, 2463 Heather Way. 13-50152.

Dorothy L. Sparkman, Nicholasville. 13-50153.

Saundra Carole Willoughby, 1433 Anniston Drive. 13-50154.

Terry E. Rice, P.O. Box 13631. 13-50162.

Trevor P. Welch, 337 Lyndenhurst Drive, No. 19201. 13-50163.

Bryant Westley Smith, Versailles. 13-50164.

Waylin J. Franks, Nicholasville. 13-50165.

Talina L. Kenney, 2916 Polo Club Boulevard. 13-50167.

Mary C. Crecelius, P.O. Box 24225. 13-50168.

Arther Shelton Jr. and Jeannette Shelton, Richmond. 13-50169.

Brandi Smith, Danville. 13-50170.

Vickie M. Neal, 2841 Snow Road. 13-50171.

London Division

Mark E. Baker and Katrinia Ann Baker, Cawood. 13-60079.

Seth Colby Higginbotham and Kayla Michelle Higginbotham, Corbin. 13-60080.

Lisa G. Anderson, Somerset. 13-60082.

Jeremy Ashton, Eubank. 13-60083.

Austin Robert Napier, 290 Bill Mays Road. 13-60084.

David Alan Baker and Crystal Marie Baker, Ferguson. 13-60086.

Kimberly Dezarn, Manchester. 13-60087.

Dennis Lester Estes and Nikki M. Estes, Middlesboro. 13-60090.

Melba Luree Carpenter, Mount Vernon. 13-60091.

Bobby Watts and Victoria Dawn Watts, 823 Wyann Road. 13-60093.

Larry Curtis Ivy and Tonia Michele Ivy, 208 Magee Street. 13-60094.

Scotty Daniel Gambrel and Vicky Lynn Gambrel, Flat Lick. 13-60095.

Sheila Fay Bryant and Arless Bryant, Whitley City. 13-60097.

Eric Dwayne Howard, Somerset. 13-60098.

Ruth Grimes, Sandgap. 13-60099.

Julia L. Phillips, Stearns. 13-60101.

Jimmy Dale Curnutt and Candy Lynn Curnutt, Williamsburg. 13-60102.

Ava Dale Sasser, 3774 Blackwater Road. 13-60103.

Barbara Ellen Gregory, Monticello. 13-60104.

James Mike Brown and Christane Brown, Monticello. 13-60105.

Pikeville Division

Heather Leach, Paintsville. 13-70027.

Kristy L. Prichard, Raccoon. 13-70028.

Jeffery R. Collins and Lemona S. Collins, Thornton. 13-70029.

Valerie R. Jude, Pilgrim. 13-70030.

Shawn Douglas Blackburn, Pinsonfork. 13-70031.

Charles Eugene Hicks and Terina Ann Hicks, Prestonsburg. 13-70034.

Douglas M. Wright and Regina Wright, Redfox. 13-70035.

Levi Blankenship and Melonie Blankenship, McDowell. 13-70036.

Willie Howard and Patty Howard, Salyersville. 13-70037.

Indeva-Corp Energy Inc., Allen. 13-70038.

Keath Douglas Conn, Banner. 13-70039.

Claudie Devern Little III, 127 Porter Lane, Lot 3. 13-70041.

Mark Dale Sanders and Melissa Carol Sanders, 147 Ratliff Street. 13-70042.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Melanie Underwood, Flatwoods. 13-10015.

Donald R. Polley, Aberdeen. 13-10017.

Michael D. Henderson and Deborah L. Henderson, Morehead. 13-10021.

Frankfort Division

Frances A. Brown, Shelbyville. 13-30026.

Greg A. Pike and Sharon M. Pike, Lawrenceburg. 13-30028.

Richard K. Lewellen and Rhonda J. Lewellen, La Grange. 13-30030.

Donald W. Roberts Jr., 317 Highwood Drive. 13-30031.

Daniel H. Welch Jr. and Dawn H. Welch, 134 Belair Drive. 13-30032.

Mary C. Maxwell, 224 East Third Street. 13-30034.

Lexington Division

Peter P. Kovalic, Winchester. 13-50135.

William T. Carson and Dianna J. Carson, Nicholasville. 13-50138.

Shannon Dahne Smith, 663 Emerson Drive. 13-50140.

Patricia Lou Brown, Winchester. 13-50141.

Kirk Angelo Blackburn and Sherilyn Ronetta Scott-Blackburn, 3801 Dicksonia Drive. 13-50145.

Terry Mason Banks and Kelli Michelle Banks, Campton. 13-50147.

Brandon Edward Helton and Melissa Brooke Helton, 822 Wyndham Hills Drive. 13-50148.

Deborah Ann Stivers, Jackson. 13-50149.

Benjamin William Crase and Nancy Ann Crase, Booneville. 13-50155.

William White and Kristy Gail White, Jackson. 13-50156.

John Moreland, Ravenna. 13-50157.

Edward Eugene Banks and Saundra Sue Banks, Vancleve. 13-50158.

Debra Ann Patrick and Johnny Elwood Patrick, Irvine. 13-50159.

Jason Obie Moore and Hope Lynn Moore, Jackson. 13-50160.

John Wayne McIntosh and Angela Renee McIntosh, Jackson. 13-50161.

Shirley Ann Smith, Nicholasville. 13-50166.

London Division

Kenneth Dillard Ross and Hannah Louise Ross, Revelo. 13-60081.

Jennifer R. Stidham, Busy. 13-60085.

James Grant Miller, Hazard. 13-60088.

Gary Wayne Collins and Rosemary Collins, Hazard. 13-60089.

Ida Pennington, Smilax. 13-60092.

Dennis Lyle Sakkinen and Helen Marie Sakkinen, Orlando. 13-60096.

Elizabeth Ann Smith, Vicco. 13-60100.

Pikeville Division

Rodney Williamson and Michelle Williamson, Huddy. 13-70032.

Paul Sammons and Reita Sammons, Harold. 13-70033.

Marvin Watson and Shelia Watson, 300 Douglas Drive. 13-70040.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo

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