Letters to the editor: Feb. 6

February 6, 2013 

Lexington needs walkways for student safety

Recently, we had yet another child hit while in a crosswalk near an elementary school.

I don't understand Lexington at all. The motto here is "it's all about the kids." Well, I believe that should include their well-being and safe travel, as well as their education.

Kids should be able to get to their school safely, without worry of being run over by some nincompoop doing everything behind the wheel besides driving.

Why are there no catwalks near our schools? Is it the expense? How many lives, broken bones, fractured skulls, etc., will it take to make it acceptable to put these lifesaving structures up for our children?

I am originally from Michigan, there were catwalks throughout Lansing. I took for granted that all major cities did this for their children and taxpaying citizens. I was appalled when I moved here and found that my youngest son would have to walk to school without having any catwalks available His tales of close calls over the years added to my concerns.

And, catwalks should be strategically placed near our shopping malls and major department stores, such as Wal-Marts on North New Circle and off Richmond Road, Fayette Mall, K-Mart on Nicholasville Road and Kroger on North New Circle.

Is there anyone out there who has the same concerns? How many more deaths or injuries will it take for this to be considered?

Janelle Bruner


Women still face danger

I read with great interest, sympathy and shame the Jan. 20 article about Bianca Spriggs and Angel Clark's multimedia exhibit honoring the memory of 13 women of color who were the victims of violent murders in Kentucky.

These women were known to have been lynched or killed in other ways from 1870 to 1908.

However, not to lessen the significance of this disgraceful event in Kentucky history, there are still women being killed. They are not limited to one group, were not killed by mob action, but by the hands of their husbands or partners, and it still happens.

There seems to be little that our legal system can do to stop this carnage.

As a domestic violence survivor, I find it important to also remember and honor these women.

Betty Bruce Brown


Keep horse trails open

The Herald-Leader had a front-page article on Kentucky being the "horse capital" and the impact equine activities have on the economy of Kentucky. This article stated that the major use of horses is for trail and pleasure riding.

There are approximately 70 miles of trail riding in the Cave Run area of the Daniel Boone National Forest. These trails bring in horses and riders from all over the United States. These are multi-use trails open to horses, mountain bikers and hikers.

The Forestry Service is considering several proposals to close portions of these trails to horses and they will be designated for hikers and bike use only.

Horse riders will not drive several hours and hundreds of miles to only be able to ride a limited amount of trails.

We are blessed to have this beautiful area to enjoy if we hike, bike, hunt, boat or horse ride. Please do not close these trails and limit riders to certain areas. Let us all work together and not single out any one group of people or activity.

Lee Schweighardt


Paul misstep

Our self-anointed king and, by his own admission, the next heir to the presidency, has again embarrassed Kentucky and our country.

Sen. Rand Paul said to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that if he were president, he would have removed her from office. Our freshman senator, elected in the smoky haze of Aqua Buddha, has again stepped into the proverbial cow pile.

First, he is never going to be president and, I hope, not senator after the next election. Second, to be so disrespectful for the sole purpose of publicity is blatantly wrong.

Paul is there to represent the people of Kentucky, first and foremost, not toot his horn and promote his ambitions. If he can't do that, he should step aside now.

I understand he is a Tea Party member. I just wonder what kind of leaves are in the tea for him to lose touch with reality.

David O. Smith


One vote for Clinton

Sen. Rand Paul showed his ignorance at the hearings about the Benghazi tragedy.

We are at war and any American who is either appointed or working in other countries around the world is expendable.

Foreign countries will attack us any way they can through military or political issues.

Paul reminds me of a little chihuahua pup — all noise and no bite. I, for one, hope that Hillary Clinton runs for president next time around, as she is one of the most intelligent ladies of the world. She, for sure, will have my vote.

Pete Herrera

Van Lear

Protest water-rate hike

Kentucky American Water is currently seeking to raise the water rates of every Kentucky customer by 17.6 percent.

This is at the least outrageous, but more importantly, in the words of Mayor Jim Gray, it a bad deal for the citizens, families and businesses of Kentucky.

It is truly unfair that we have no other company for water service. Every business makes capital expenditures, but few can ask their customers to cover the tab of these expenditures. KAW can.

The company blames the need for increased rates on declining business, yet it insisted on making expensive water improvements, when it knew demand was declining.

In the January edition of the Lane Report, KAW president Cheryl Norton states that "they are committed to making wise investments." What a joke.

Wake up, Kentucky and get rid of KAW or, at the very least, bring in some other choices for water supply. Please contact the mayor's office and the Kentucky Public Service Commission to prevent this increase, before it is too late.

Mary Murphy


Fan of young Cats

Others may not believe, but I am a believer in this year of University of Kentucky basketball.

Yes, we have had losses, more than normal for Coach John Calipari, but we still have games left, plus the SEC Tournament and whatever the NCAA deems worthy of our seeding.

We have been there before and we will be there again and our young Cats will again prove themselves proud — win or lose.

Herb Petit


Clean-cut appeal

While watching the Wisconsin-Indiana basketball game, I saw something I liked. None of the players had tattoos. Plus, all had masculine hair cuts. No disfigurement of their bodies with the all-too pervasive ugly tattoos.

How refreshing. Plus is was a good example not only for the children watching but for all of us.

Kimberly Bischel


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