Letters to editor: Feb. 8

February 8, 2013 

WKYT had two of the best that local TV had to offer

Those of us privileged to appear on TV, and who often receive compliments from viewers for our work, know only too well how many others are truly responsible. Many people behind the cameras, in editing booths, in master controls and tape rooms are unsung workers who seldom receive credit they are due.

Lexington TV recently lost two of the best, and while they happened to have worked at WKYT-TV, the same can be said for their counterparts on our other stations.

Tom Sorrell was a 30-year veteran whose skill editing tape saved many a news story. I and other reporters are in his debt. He was a true professional and will be missed.

John Davis was one of the early full-time news photographers in Lexington. As chief news photographer he trained others who followed him and gave Central Kentucky viewers the coverage of stories, big and small, they expect on the evening news. John later produced award-winning documentaries for a PBS station in California before returning here.

Television is a team effort, and Tom and John were two of its very finest members.

Ken Kurtz

WKYT-TV vice president/news, retired


City should help

Enough political letters. This is a people one — those very poor down- and-out souls at the Hope Center.

A very dear and capable man I know is there now. In his 40s, he had no choice. Seeing him was heartbreaking; talking to him unbelievable. He refuses to even shower there as it is so filthy, infested and germ-ridden. He also finds the same and worse in the restroom.

He's literally put out from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, no matter the temperature. Even the food is sickening. A few lucky ones might have friends or someone to go to at these dangerous times.

I implore the mayor to go there and see these conditions for himself. We need to intervene now. How could these men ever recover or have a chance?

It's not too much to ask for clean and sanitary conditions for the downtrodden.

Leona Hunt


Debt-ceiling propaganda

Barack Obama's propaganda machine continues to churn out logical-sounding rhetoric on the next phase of his program to dismantle the economy: the debt ceiling.

And why not? He has solved the deficit problem with his recent victory, raising taxes on the rich. Now that they are paying their "fair share," we can use this increased revenue stream to fund the government for an additional three to six days. Problem solved.

Don't forget that these rich demons also started paying an additional 3.8 percent in Medicare taxes this year. Serves them right for making an unfair amount of money.

By the way, how much money is unfair? Have you ever aspired to make a lot of money?

Would raising the limit on your credit card and charging even more help you to pay the debt you already owe? Obama insists that this is about paying our bills. It is not. It is about borrowing more so you don't have to pay your bills today.

The Republicans are not even proposing to cut spending, although they should be. They want to cut future spending that Obama and the liberals continue to demand.

Democratic leaders in Congress want Obama to bypass Congress and raise the debt limit by executive action. Remind anyone of Hugo Chávez?

Richard Bendure


A modern-dance legacy

It is always a positive event when the creative possibilities in Lexington are highlighted, as in the Jan. 25 article on the University of Kentucky dance program.

However, the implication in the article that this is the first time modern dance of a high caliber has been in Lexington is simply wrong.

Among many counterexamples: A professional modern dance company, Contemporary Dancers of KY, in the 1970s.

It closed when the professional dancers left to pursue successful dancing careers in New York City.

A long line of wonderful women have taught dance at UK, including Mary Kouns, whose WAA Modern Dance group at UK premiered in 1939 and continued for decades.

In 1986, Rayma Beal re-established the group under the name UK Dance Ensemble.

Since then this group has given top-notch concerts twice a year, often featuring renowned guest choreographers.

We must not forget that Lexington (and UK) have had modern dance of a high caliber for decades.

Linda Worley


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