Letters to the editor: Feb. 12

February 12, 2013 

Residents' pleas unheeded by planning panel

Residents of Lexington should be aware of latent time bombs that may be ticking away in their very own neighborhoods.

On Jan. 17, Lakeshore Drive-area residents voiced opposition to a five-story, 65-foot tall apartment complex proposal put before the Urban County Government Planning Commission.

This structure is completely out of character for the low-lying, scenic neighborhood of about three square miles that includes the lakes inside New Circle Road.

A few years ago, developers John Knapp and Allen Schubert rehabilitated a blighted neighborhood apartment complex, which was embraced by area residents. However, a time bomb was uncovered when the developers, incorporated as Lakeshore Apartments Associates, submitted a development plan for a portion of the site to build this building.

The caution for all residents is that it was discovered that this parcel of land was zoned for such a massive building.

Residents organized and gathered over 280 signatures opposing the project, presented a detailed list of reasons for opposition and filled the Urban County Council chambers before the planning commission. The only people speaking in favor were the developer's lawyer and a hired appraiser.

Despite overwhelming opposition from residents, the member-owned lake association and the Lakeshore Village Homeowners Association, the commission unanimously approved the plan.

If you find that a parcel of land could be developed to the detriment of your neighborhood you must organize and act quickly to create what is known as an ND-1 Overlay, proactively placing restrictions on your neighborhood.

Patricia Robinson


Judd wrong candidate

Ashley Judd would be the wrong candidate for the Democratic Party.

She is a cute girl who got a break in Hollywood, lives in Tennessee and squeals with delight at anything University of Kentucky basketball.

That doesn't get it. She lacks credentials. Kentucky needs a representative who can address the issues and needs of everyday Kentuckians. Judd is a flash-in-the-pan movie star. Just as former agriculture commissioner Richie Farmer was a basketball player.

More often than not, famous people (by no fault of their own) are self-serving, not servants of the people. Judd has a pretty smile and name recognition. Remember, Farmer ran on that premise. You know how that turned out.

Judd claims to be a fighter. But it's a lot easier on the movie set than in the political arena. Fair warning, there are no retakes in public politics.

Unfortunately, she is no match for Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Duke Martin


Make sane gun policy

Following several months of killing small children and some adults, it is apparent that there is a need to have control of firearms.

We agree firearms are not the culprits, only those who use them. Pistols, rifles and shotguns have been around for years. But why do we need high-powered guns, automatic rifles or bazookas? There is no sport requiring their usage. We are sympathetic to the families of those victims of unnecessary brutal carnage.

Looking at the whole picture of life and what's happening to our society, we should also consider how many lives are lost each day through abortions.

The mind-set is warping. We are beginning to approve actions that are contrary to natural law: gay unions, contraception, sterilization and legalizing drugs.

When will we ever realize the wrong direction we are heading? We were born to respect life, love one another, help one another to enjoy life and its fruits.

Let's get back on track.

John C. Schreiber


Paul shows leadership

Hooray for Sen. Rand Paul.

Thank goodness we have at least one man showing some leadership abilities. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should have been fired over the Benghazi incident.

But the buck stops with President Barack Obama. Of course, he threw Clinton under the bus. Everyone is to blame except him.

President Richard Nixon resigned over Watergate, and this was worse than Watergate. It was a joke watching Obama and Vice President Joe Biden swearing on the Bible to uphold the Constitution when they are trying in every way to destroy it.

The only thing I can say about Obama, Biden, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sens. Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer is that they are smarter than the dumbed-down society that voted for them.

This country is headed over a cliff and these airheads are following right on over. God help us.

Doyle Glass


Kids in Washington

Recently I had the care of two kids for the afternoon. The park seemed a good place to go, so off we went. There were all kinds of attractions, but a big sandbox with bucket and shovel caught their eye.

After a short period of time, the kids got in an argument over whether the bucket had more red paint or blue paint on it.

The kids ignored the fact that they could both enjoy playing in the sand with the bucket and shovel. They just spent the rest of the day arguing over the color of the bucket.

Sounds a little like the kids we have in Washington, doesn't it?

They spend so much time arguing over whose plan is the best and who would get credit for implementing it.

Don't these kids know if they do the job they were sent to Washington to do, whether they are on the blue team or red team, the people who sent them there will keep sending them back because they are doing their job?

Joe Richey


Legislators won't act

Citing Paul R. Guffey's Jan. 28 commentary on the legislature acting on the pension liability: His last sentence, "On their behalf, we urge them to act responsibly and with restraint," is a pipe dream.

This won't happen because he is asking them to act responsibly. If they had acted responsibly in previous years the pension fund would not be in this shape.

I am a state employee with enough time worked to retire, but I still work. I am concerned by what might happen to the pension fund after I retire, so I work on.

Lawmakers only look out for themselves. Their pension fund is 70 percent funded; other state workers' fund is 27 percent funded.

Mike Meece


Nothing in future

I read Sen. Damon Thayer's Feb. 3 column telling how the Senate is going to fix the retirement funding problem. The only thing he says is that the idea is to provide future retirees with an inferior retirement plan.

He does not say how they intend to fully fund the retirement plan we have or when they intend to do it.

This kind of action over the past 12 years is what caused the problem in the first place.

I see absolutely no difference in this session and the past 12. They have been asked to fix this problem and still refuse to do it.

Claude Hammond


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