Letters to the Editor: Feb. 15

February 15, 2013 

Judd more qualified than other actors who turned pols

There are those who criticize Ashley Judd as not being qualified to run for office, as being a mere actress. Yes, I'd prefer Crit Luallen but not because Judd is "only an actress."

That would be like saying Ronald Reagan wasn't qualified to be president because he had been an actor. Judd is actually better educated than Reagan and never served as an FBI informant on her fellow actors as Reagan did.

Reagan attended Eureka College in Illinois where he got a bachelor's in economics and sociology. He was a Democrat until 1962 and served as president of the Screen Actor's Guild before he became a governor. Imagine if people had accused him of being nothing more than an actor when he ran in 1967.

Judd has a bachelor's in French from the University of Kentucky and a master's from the JFK School of Government at Harvard in public administration. She serves on numerous worldwide programs including YouthAids and has been active on women's issues dealing with poverty and violence, including in the Congo.

This independent asks: If we've had a senator who was an actor, Fred Thompson, whom the Republicans tried to run for the presidency, and an actual president, Reagan, who was an actor and a Republican, why can't a well-educated woman who has served in numerous ways in this world who also happens to be an actress and a Democrat become a U.S. senator?

Robin Osgood


Come home, Ashley

The recent attack by Karl Rove's super PAC American Crossroads on Ashley Judd proves that the one percenters, and their misinformed and disillusioned followers, are scared of losing the nation's finest performing puppet for corporate America, Mitch McConnell.

The worries of this elite group, backed by the richest people in America, whose only motivation seems to be making themselves wealthier while deceiving many members of the Republican Party, is justified.

If Ashley Judd decides to run for the United States Senate, she will clip the strings from puppet McConnell, and Kentucky will finally have someone to represent all Kentuckians regardless of their income or walk of life, much like John Yarmuth does now in the House of Representatives.

A recent article published in the Herald-Leader reported that Judd might need to re-establish residency before her campaign to ditch the rich and Mitch.

If that be the case, I invite her to come to Inez, where, I am told, one of her great-grandfathers was once a Methodist preacher. My late grandmother's house is empty and it would make a humble yet adequate residence for Judd.

Neither as a Methodist — which I am — nor as a person of wealth — which I am not — but rather as one who has been disgusted and embarrassed with the conduct of my state's present senator, I offer this residency to our next U.S. senator, Ashley Judd, rent-free for as long as she wishes.

Mickey McCoy


Cooking own defeat

Want a recipe for Kentucky political burgoo to stew over?

Fold a failed "one-term president" legacy into primary threats rolled out beforehand by Teavangelical libertarians. Heat until mixture combines, then top with skimmed-off, rich crème de la crème. Ladle out generously for those wanting more of the same.

Although nobody seems to like him, Sen. Mitch McConnell has won elections for decades because no one had the big money or name to go up against him.

Enter from far-right wing: unknown Rand Paul, winning Kentucky's other Senate seat via Daddy Ron's vast "educational" nonprofit family organization coupled with son's proclaimed Tea Party leadership.

Suddenly, Paul's political organization is running McConnell's re-election campaign.

Enter from near right wing: "Bush's Brain" Rove with super-monied PAC buying an attack ad against undeclared Senate candidate Ashley Judd and promising more to come.

Poll numbers show Judd nearly even with McConnell. She should sit back unabashedly unannounced and let puppet politicians win the election for her.

Envision: three dark knights on donor support running after a damsel in no distress.

Is the person most knowledgeable of state government, undeclared gubernatorial candidate Crit Luallen, also traumatizing the buyout boys? You betcha.

And then there's Hillary Clnton — don't forget, she's a venom survival veteran.

Undeclared women warrior candidates, all, come forward at will, but will you, please?

Let the "way damn too liberal" races begin.

Ramona Rush


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