Vote to simplify food-truck regulations

Vote to simplify regulations on food trucks

February 19, 2013 

Progress at last.

The newly revived Food Truck Work Group on Thursday voted to move forward with some proposals to cut red tape for food trucks that want to sell their offerings from private property.

That proposal, dealing with non-controversial but still important matters, will be heard today in the economic development committee and, if approved there, move forward to the council. We encourage both the committee and the council to give it favorable consideration.

Ben Self, a partner in West Sixth Brewing in Lexington, which invites four or five vendors to sell food each week at its brewery and beer garden, said these changes will "make the process simpler."

Instead of the individual vendors and West Sixth dealing weekly with different requirements and certifications, "it will allow us to do the process once and then have in all the trucks."

The work group still has challenges ahead involving the intricacies of allowing food trucks to park and operate on public property, such as city streets.

That requires a careful balance between encouraging this street life and protecting both existing brick and mortar restaurants, assuring sidewalks and streets aren't blocked and protecting the peace of place and mind for nearby residents.

Food-truck owners are understandably impatient, after over two years of study, to get this entire process completed and hit the road with their products.

We are, too, but we welcome this bit of progress and encourage the work group to keep at it until the job is done.

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