16 horses among animals found dead at Woodford farm

kward1@herald-leader.comFebruary 25, 2013 

Sixteen dead horses, a dead donkey and numerous dead dogs, cats and chickens were found in a barn on a Woodford County farm Monday afternoon.

The farm at 1975 Woodlake Road is leased by Cheryll Jeffers, who also goes by the last name Ford, said Sgt. Keith Broughton of the Woodford County Sheriff's Department.

Woodford County animal control officers, the sheriff's office and representatives of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture visited the farm about 3:30 p.m. and found the animals.

Broughton said it was unclear whether Jeffers would face charges.

"We're still in the investigative stage," he said.

Broughton said the animals "were all in various stages of decomposition," including some that were skeletonized or mummified.

"Some of them have been dead for several months," he said.

In addition to the dead animals, there were about 15 horses and "numerous" cats, chickens and dogs on the property.

Broughton said a local farm had donated hay for the horses.

"They probably are a little bit neglected," he said, adding that water was being taken from the house on the property to the horses because there was no running water to the barn.

He said Jeffers had agreed to turn over the dogs to animal control officers, who were taking them to the Woodford County animal shelter.

Broughton said Woodford County Animal Control was in charge of the investigation.

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