Avoiding the doctor is a route too many men choose

MArch challenge offers free checkups

Special to the Herald-LeaderMarch 4, 2013 

Dr. Jeffrey Foxx, Central Baptist Health


When it comes to their health, men often take the "ignore it and it will go away" approach.

That's one reason men die at higher rates than women for all of the leading causes of death. Men often skip preventive care, going to the doctor only when they're extremely sick or in great pain. By then, they might have a disease too advanced to cure or treat effectively.

Guys come up with all kinds of excuses for avoiding doctors, like "I feel fine."

But feeling fine doesn't mean you are. You can feel fine with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and elevated blood sugars. Let those conditions go without treatment, and you could be looking at a heart attack, stroke or diabetes. A chronic cough or unexplained weight loss or fatigue could be symptoms of cancer. As far as time goes, treatment and recovery from serious conditions can take a lot longer than a few doctor visits do.

Baptist Health Lexington has found a way to make health screenings and learning more about your health affordable and appealing to men. This year's March Men's Health Challenge will be Tuesday, March 12. at Keeneland Sales Pavilion. The free event, which will start at 5:30 p.m., will feature some great food and pain-free screenings that don't involve getting undressed. You also can ask questions of physicians.

If improving your health isn't incentive enough, former Kentucky All-American Sam Bowie, Cats' Pause founder Oscar Combs, and sports media personalities Matt Jones and Dave Baker will discuss UK basketball and the NCAA Tournament.

Plus, door prizes include two sets of tickets to the 2013 SEC Tournament. Men, if you haven't made your health a priority, you can start by attending the Challenge. Ladies, because you often have to beg and plead with the men in your life to go to the doctor, you are more than welcome to attend with them.

To register, go to BaptistHealthLexington.com or call (859) 260-2220.

Dr. W. Jeffrey Foxx is a family medicine physician with Family Practice Associates of Lexington.

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