CentrePointe map and timeline: Vital downtown block now under construction

March 8, 2013 

CentrePointe Presentation for Board Mtg._Page_06_Image_0002.jpg

This architect view of the new CentrePointe concept is from the intersection of Limestone and Vine streets. Developer Dudley Webb said the changes were driven by Marriott, which wanted to add extended-stay suites to the apartment complex.


In 2008, a $250 million project called CentrePointe was announced for downtown Lexington, a skyscraper that the developers said would reshape one of the best recognized corners in town. Five years later, it was a grass-covered pasture in the middle of town. Now construction has started on the underground parking garage.

Click the map below to see which businesses were in the block before they were demolished.

You can also view a slide show of the timeline of major events in the CentrePointe saga below the map.

View CentrePointe in a larger map
(Note: This interactive timeline may not be viewable on some Droid devices. Please try your device's browser or use a desktop computer)

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