The Fru-Gal: Never pay for toothpaste

Contributing columnistMarch 8, 2013 

The Fru-Gal Deborah Morris

You should never pay for toothpaste.

If you have been doing my coupon match-ups, you should have a nice stockpile in your cabinet. After all, there are often 50-cent newspaper coupons for Colgate that double to $1 and can be used when the toothpaste goes on sale for that price.

So how much do you actually need? I usually keep six boxes. That’s because brushing your teeth isn’t the only thing you can do with toothpaste.

Consider these suggestions for ways to use the versatile product:

■ It can remove stains such as ink, lipstick and crayons. Squeeze some on the spot, scrub and rinse.

■ Want to remove water spots from furniture? Columnist Heloise suggests mixing a little baking soda and non-gel white toothpaste together to rub on the spot.

■ Use it on CDs or DVDs to help with scratches that can cause skipping. Just apply some, scrub gently and clean it off.

■ Scrub your fingernails and toenails with toothpaste to get them clean.

■ Washing your hands with it can remove smells like those of onions.

■ Instead of scratching bug bites, dab a little toothpaste on them.

■ Even pimples can benefit from toothpaste. Rub a little bit on one overnight and wash it off in the morning to reduce redness and help it dry out.


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Fru-Gal fact

There are many organizations that would love a donation of toothpaste.

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