March 18, 2013 

Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Lexington Division

Mahamadou Tangara and Nicole Lee Tangara, 1485 Day Lily. 13-50494.

Kimberlee Venn, Winchester. 13-50495.

Daryl Clay Perraut and Charlotte Ann Perraut, Paris. 13-50497.

Joshua Daniel Isaacs, Harrodsburg. 13-50500.

Tobie R. Bradshaw and Marty L. Bradshaw, Danville. 13-50501.

Michael A. Mesman and Carol A. Mesman, Junction City. 13-50502.

Lisa Love, Harrodsburg. 13-50503.

Kevin Lee Sharpe and Crystal Gayle Sharpe, Georgetown. 13-50504.

Susan Jane Burton, Georgetown. 13-50505.

James R. Carmon and Shelley M. Carmon, Stamping Ground. 13-50506.

James H. Lathery Jr. and Donna P. Lathery, Versailles. 13-50507.

London Division

Whitney Cecilia Woods, East Bernstadt. 13-60177.

James Lee Woods, East Bernstadt. 13-60178.

Rebecca Nicole Durham and Boyd Wayne Durham II, Crab Orchard. 13-60179.

Danielle Lee Capuson, Brodhead. 13-60180.

Jerry Lynn Allen II and Chasity Dawn Allen, Pineville. 13-60181.

Harold L. Roberts and Christal S. Roberts, Whitley City. 13-60182.

Justin B. Watters, Whitley City. 13-60183.

Lonnie Alexander Whitehead and Angela Whitehead, Pineville. 13-60184.

Scott L. Brashear and Jessica R. Brashear, Cornettsville. 13-60187.

Ora Louis Graves, McKee. 13-60188.

Joe Earnest Singleton, Williamsburg. 13-60189.

Maretta Ann Gregory, Burnside. 13-60190.

Beverly Dee Stoker, Somerset. 13-60191.

Pamela Sue Kramer, Baxter. 13-60193.

Dora Teresa Gail Stidham, Busy. 13-60195.

Joshua Paul Smith, Corbin. 13-60197.

Melissa Dawn McDaniel, Hazard. 13-60198.

Cody Chanel Buell, Barbourville. 13-60199.

Jeffery Benjamin Dixon and Jaquetta Marie Dixon, Somerset. 13-60200.

Darrin John Smith and Teresa Lynn Smith, Flat Lick. 13-60202.

Raymond Messer and Judy C. Messer, Fourmile. 13-60203.

Justin Sizemore and Breanna Sizemore, 3017 Warm Springs Dr. 13-60204.

William Dexter Howard and Shirley Faye Howard, Grays Knob. 13-60206.

Joshua Wayne Smith, Manchester. 13-60207.

Ricky B. Huddleston II and Tammie L. Huddleston, Williamsburg. 13-60209.

Randell Waugh II, Somerset. 13-60210.

Chasity Brishan Sutton, Mount Vernon. 13-60211.

Michael Monhollen and Geneva Monhollen, Williamsburg. 13-60212.

Lucas Allen Meadows and Heather Lee Meadows, Pine Knot. 13-60213.

Tracy M. Johns, Sterns. 13-60214.

Anthony W. Piercy and Rosie M. Piercy, Somerset. 13-60215.

Michael Allen Woodhull, Hazard. 13-60216.

Billy Joe Fields, 344 Grimes Road. 13-60218.

Kevin Lee Johnson, Corbin. 13-60219.

Elisha Mae Hill, Williamsburg. 13-60220.

Buddy Lee McCulley, Corbin. 13-60221.

Brenda Sue Smith, 303 Lillian Lane. 13-60222.

Dale Phipps Sr. and Patricia Gail Phipps, Gray. 13-60223.

Kelly Renee Gossage, Somerset. 13-60224.

Barry Keith Mills, Girdler. 13-60225.

Ronald A. Argenbright, Brodhead. 13-60226.

Linda Gail Napier, East Bernstadt. 13-60227.

Karen Jean Frederick, Trosper. 13-60228.

Timothy Ray Mills, Manchester. 13-60229.

James Gerald Blair Jr. and Sherry Bernice Blair, Holmes Mill. 13-60230.

Diana Lynn Norem, Corbin. 13-60232.

Robert Michael Spurgeon, Hazard. 13-60234.

Joshua L. Reynolds, Emlyn. 13-60235.

Anthony Wayne Reynolds and Kimberly Joie Reynolds, East Bernstadt. 13-60237.

Benny Franklin Turner and Melissa Dana Turner, Dayhoit. 13-60238.

Adam Cheyenne New and Angela Lynn New, Burnside. 13-60239.

Ricky Golden, Gray. 13-60240.

Jo'e L. Short, Booneville. 13-60241.

Robert Leon Freeman and Elizabeth Marie Freeman, Corbin. 13-60242.

Luther Jack Cottrell Sr., Harlan. 13-60243.

William Richard Stringer, Nancy. 13-60244.

Sue Durham, Broadhead. 13-60245.

Donald B. Dexter, Monticello. 13-60246.

Carl Wayne Johnson and Doris Kay Johnson, Busy. 13-60248.

Bobby Ray Baker, Bulan. 13-60250.

Gary L. Perry and Miranda L. Perry, Whitley City. 13-60253.

Richard Valentine Krasher II and Chasity Strong Krasher, Tyner. 13-60255.

Donald G. Davis and Sharon D. Davis, Hazard. 13-60256.

Roy C. Wilson and Sandra L. Wilson, Corbin. 13-60257.

Sherri Lynn Bubnick, Science Hill. 13-60258.

John Arthur Gallagher and Deborah Kay Gallagher, Somerset. 13-60259.

Michael Everett Oren Hammock, Bronston. 13-60260.

Lawrence W. Ashworth and Nancy A. Ashworth, Viper. 13-60261.

Michael G. Thomas and Darlene R. Thomas, Evarts. 13-60262.

Brandon G. Hamm and Heather Hamm, Corbin. 13-60263.

Mark David Blair, Cumberland. 13-60264.

George Cornelius Massey Sr. and Andrea Denise Massey, Lynch. 13-60265.

Glen Merle Hensley Jr., Evarts. 13-60266.

Amanda Leann Collett, Anvil. 13-60267.

Anthony Paul Clark, Whitley City. 13-60268.

Adam Nicholas Webb, Barbourville. 13-60270.

Charles E. Ramsey and Sharon L. Ramsey, Eubank. 13-60271.

William Rodney Freeman and Melissa Ann Freeman, Keavy. 13-60272.

Samantha Jean Todd, Science Hill. 13-60273.

Carolyn Foister, 368 Sally's Branch Road East. 13-60274.

Larry Neace, Krypton. 13-60275.

Edith E. Hale, 6125 Johnson Road. 13-60276.

Dennis Carnell Rosser, 2634 Blackwater Road. 13-60277.

Randall S. Asher, Manchester. 13-60278.

Shania N. Fields, Hazard. 13-60280.

Whitni Autumn Williams, Nancy. 13-60282.

Dwight Ervin Phillips and Sheila Gail Phillips, Somerset. 13-60284.

Kevin Ross Blevins and Morghan Leanne Blevins, Eubank. 13-60285.

Ronnie Gray and Carol Jean Gray, Manchester. 13-60286.

Wanda Sue Stamper, Trosper. 13-60287.

James Edward Creighton and Gussie Creighton, Barbourville. 13-60288.

Michael Edward Shannon, Tyner. 13-60290.

Steven Ray Lee and Kimberly Leeann Lee, Middlesboro. 13-60291.

Ronald Lee Taylor and Joyce Ann Taylor, Alpha. 13-60292.

Rosie Jane Bell, Monticello. 13-60293.

Franklin Dee Robertson, Monticello. 13-60294.

Melody J. Reams, P.O. Box 3318. 13-60295.

Monzela Hammons, 12 Blue Bird Lane. 13-60298.

Denver C. Morris and Charlotte W. Morris, 3691 Marydale Road. 13-60299.

Shawn A. Barton and Regina L. Barton, 587 Old Union Church Road. 13-60300.

Jason Henry Butler and Lahoma Renea Butler, Harlan. 13-60302.

David Scott Thompson, 50 Greenlawn Subdivision. 13-60303.

Jeffery Lynn Hyatt and Tammy Ellen Elizabeth Hyatt, Loyall. 13-60304.

Thomas Eugene Levering Jr., Barbourville. 13-60305.

Kevin Wayne Moses and Lafonda Renee Moses, Williamsburg. 13-60306.

James Robert Hayes and Billie Shannon Hayes, Rockholds. 13-60307.

Pikeville Division

Donald R. Kendrick and Virginia A. Kendrick, 11134 State Highway 194 West. 13-70084.

James L. Perry and Jeania M. Perry, Prestonsburg. 13-70085.

Shawn Ramey and Rachel Ramey, Kimper. 13-70086.

Erick Tackett, Jenkins. 13-70087.

Jason E. May and Christina H. May, Kimper. 13-70089.

Andres Jose Ybarra and Jacqueline Rose Ybarra, Salyersville. 13-70090.

Savannah Grace Cochran, Canada. 13-70091.

Eddie W. Mullins and Tiffany S. Mullins, Littcarr. 13-70092.

Linda Louise Wells, 370 Coal Run Hill. 13-70093.

William G. Blackburn and Susan I. Blackburn, Lick Creek. 13-70094.

Erie Margaret Damron, 620 Ventors Lane, No. 15. 13-70098.

Ralph K. Thacker and Melenna G. Thacker, Phyllis. 13-70099.

Dawn Renee McCoy, Raccoon. 13-70101.

Melissa K. Mullins, Jenkins. 13-70102.

Chad Wesley Slone and Michelle Nicole Slone, Prestonsburg. 13-70103.

Anna R. McClanahan, Elkhorn City. 13-70104.

Bobby Ray Fitch and Esther Fitch, Meally. 13-70105.

David Copley and Pennie Copley, Belfry. 13-70106.

Bradley D. Mullins, Stambaugh. 13-70107.

Mark Van Howard, Salyersville. 13-70108.

Paul Shannon Fraley, Belfry. 13-70109.

Pamela Sue McCarty, Paintsville. 13-70110.

Gregory Hall and Joell Allen Hall, Minnie. 13-70111.

Wesley Richard O'Brian and Heather Nicole O'Brian, Van Lear. 13-70113.

Jo Wanda Thacker, Elkhorn City. 13-70115.

Johnnie L. Alvin III and Angela M. Alvin, Ashcamp. 13-70116.

Andrew J. Wright and Michelle Wright, Mayking. 13-70117.

April J. Martin, Eolia. 13-70118.

Kenneth Ison and Eva M. Ison, Hallie. 13-70119.

Benny Joe Jacobs, Pippa Passes. 13-70120.

Lydia E. Collins, Mayking. 13-70121.

Rebecca Lynn Combs, Salyersville. 13-70123.

Safia Mae Sword, 629 Ratliff's Creek Road, No. 10. 13-70124.

Jerry Glee Tackett and Teresa Ann Tackett, Virgie. 13-70125.

Betty Sue Branham, Bevinsville. 13-70126.

Amy Billiter, West Van Lear. 13-70128.

Richard Crider and Staci Crider, Staffordsville. 13-70129.

Johnny Stiltner and Tammy Stiltner, Kimper. 13-70130.

Retha Montgomery, Jenkins. 13-70131.

Nannie Lou Spears, Shelbiana. 13-70132.

Jason Thomas Newsome and April Dawn Newsome, Jonancy. 13-70133.

Matthew Wayne Slone, Prestonsburg. 13-70134.

Douglas C. Richardson Sr., Jenkins. 13-70135.

Delilah A. Amburgey, Jeremiah. 13-70137.

James E. Caudill and Shirley J. Caudill, Littcarr. 13-70139.

Brad Mounts and Sherri Mounts, Hardy. 13-70140.

James Phillip Sykes, 108 Meadow View Lane. 13-70141.

Jeremy Michael Townes and Kelly Lee Townes, Elkhorn City. 13-70142.

Chapter 11

Lexington Division

Frasure Creek Mining LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50335.

Trinity Coal Corp., Scott Depot. 13-50364.

Frasure Creek Mining LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50370.

Trinity Parent Corp., Scott Depot. 13-50372.

Trinity Coal Marketing LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50373.

Little Elk Mining Co. LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50374.

Trinity Coal Partners LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50375.

Hughes Creek Terminal LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50376.

Bear Fork Resources LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50377.

Banner Coal Terminal LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50378.

Falcon Resources LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50379.

Prater Branch Resources LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50380.

Deep Water Resources LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50381.

North Springs Resources LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50382.

Levisa Fork Resources LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50383.

Trinity RMG Holdings LLC, Scott Depot. 13-50384.

RMG Inc., Scott Depot. 13-50385.

London Division

T&T Energy LLC, P.O. Box 1433. 13-60231.

Pikeville Division

Xcell Energy and Coal Co. LLC, Burlington. 13-70095.

Energy Investment Group LLC, Burlington. 13-70096.

Chapter 13

Lexington Division

William E. Caudill Jr. and Elizabeth Rose Caudill, 366 Sierra Drive. 13-50307.

Shelby Darrell Owens and Karen Hawkins Owens, Winchester. 13-50309.

Michael S. Christopher, 2576 Moray Place. 13-50312.

Corene Pittman Humfleet, Harrodsburg. 13-50313.

Mary Ruth Thomas, Irvine. 13-50314.

Scottie Brown, Jackson. 13-50318.

Stanley Burrus, Georgetown. 13-50319.

Beverly Hoover, Irvine. 13-50326.

Carl Slone and Debra Ann Slone, Campbell. 13-50337.

Betty E. Christopher, Georgetown. 13-50340.

Hans-Peter Healy and Victoria J. Healy, 4605 Braxton Court. 13-50341.

Michael A. Goforth, 3524 Creekwood Drive, No. 12. 13-50349.

Steven James Marsee, Richmond. 13-50354.

Mark Thomas Arthur, Richmond. 13-50356.

Hope Branham, Stanton. 13-50392.

Cindy Michelle Puckett, Nicholasville. 13-50394.

Kenneth W. Agee and Melissa M. Agee, Versailles. 13-50398.

Mark Anthony Puckett, Georgetown. 13-50403.

James C. Ethington Jr. and Wanda K. Ethington, Midway. 13-50406.

Davita Ann Burnam, 1024 Cross Keys Road, No. 3. 13-50407.

Maureen J. Elkins, 1044 Spring Run Road. 13-50408.

David Dwain Blackburn and Pamela Otis Blackburn, Nicholasville. 13-50410.

Latoya Wilson, 210 Londonderry Drive. 13-50428.

Orlando Remont Mays and Yolanda K. Mays, Harrodsburg. 13-50441.

Valerie Leeanne Short and Anthony Lynn Short, Richmond. 13-50445.

Charlene Park, Richmond. 13-50446.

Donald R. Phelps and Melody H. Phelps, 4304 Cobblestone Knoll Drive. 13-50456.

Samuel Michael Allen and Kimberly Lynn Allen, Paris. 13-50457.

Joseph Lamont Lacy, Frankfort. 13-50459.

Ray A. Ashcraft, 687 Sheridan. 13-50464.

Danny Lee Thompson, Richmond. 13-50475.

Paul G. Leslie and Mandy D. Leslie, Georgetown. 13-50492.

Joshua L. Webb and AnneMarie C. Webb, Georgetown. 13-50496.

Jeffrey Douglas Elder and Lora R. Elder, 2917 Neal Drive. 13-50498.

Kathy P. Fuqua, Danville. 13-50499.

London Division

Alma Sue Williams, Chavies. 13-60176.

Frances Susan Burton, Cumberland. 13-60185.

Michael Chase Niday and Whitney Rhea Middleton-Niday, Wallins Creek. 13-60186.

Andrew David Roark, 5294 Keavy Road. 13-60192.

Imogene Owens, 1171 Hawk Creek Road. 13-60194.

James Roy Walker and Alicia Darlene Walker, Hazard. 13-60196.

Mavis Sellers, Combs. 13-60201.

Harvey Wayne Adkins and Lutricia Adkins, Tyner. 13-60205.

Gary Russell Wagers and Diane Wagers, 165 Emerald Drive. 13-60208.

Maud Marie Baker, Busy. 13-60217.

Lucy Bonita Brashear, Hazard. 13-60233.

Katherine R. Warren, Middlesboro. 13-60236.

Mary Ann Holliday, Hazard. 13-60247.

Jacquline Lewis, Smilax. 13-60249.

Jeffrey Wayne Ritchie and Angela Lee Ritchie, Bulan. 13-60251.

Leroy Smith and Glynna M. Smith, 1664 Old Way Road. 13-60252.

Melvin Jent Jr. and Carrie S. Jent, Hazard. 13-60254.

Lowell Ramon Creech and Melinda Carol Creech, Hazard. 13-60269.

Michael Feltner and Linda Marie Feltner, Chavies. 13-60279.

James Dale Burkhart and Alice Edith Burkhart, 1581 Parker Road. 13-60281.

Peggy B. Langley, Barbourville. 13-60283.

Pammela Sue Cordell, Ferguson. 13-60289.

Randy R. Schenk and Sherry L. Schenk, Corbin. 13-60296.

Brandon Cody Lee Helton and Crystal Santana Helton, Stoney Fork. 13-60297.

Jeffery Bryan Farmer and Jessica Alane Farmer, Grays Knob. 13-60301.

Steven Dale Arnold and Karen Sue Arnold, Corbin. 13-60308.

Pikeville Division

Crystal Lynn Vacschoyck, Fisty. 13-70088.

Jason Ratliff, Shelbiana. 13-70097.

David Ritchie and Michelle Ritchie, Blackey. 13-70100.

Johnie W. Maynard Jr. and Leslie C. Maynard, Stone. 13-70112.

Donald Rose and Nancy Rose, Martin. 13-70114.

Ronnie W. Jones and Vicki D. Jones, Whitesburg. 13-70122.

David Hall and Elisha Hall, Melvin. 13-70127.

Corbett Stephen Grigsby and Melissa Diane Grigsby, Martin. 13-70136.

Michael D. Sparkman, Roxana. 13-70138.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo

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