Burgoo Something to stew over

April 4, 2013 

"Too often, the first instinct of some university officials is to protect their schools' interests rather than doing what's morally — and usually clearly — right when crises occur. Faced with potentially embarrassing situations, many decision-makers seem to first try to handle things as easily as possible for themselves. Minimize negative scrutiny, the thinking goes, in an effort to protect the brand. The most sickening example of the-program-above-all-else mentality is of course the Penn State scandal. The most powerful people in Happy Valley could have done much more to protect the victims there.(Rutgers Athletic Director Tim) Pernetti also operated from a bad playbook. . . . As Rutgers's top athletic official, Pernetti should put the abused players first. Pernetti is responsible for their welfare. So after watching (fired men's basketball coach Mike) Rice berate players profanely while essentially using them for dodgeball practice, it's impossible to understand how Pernetti could muster such a weak response unless you first realize that protecting the players wasn't his main concern.

Jason Reid, writing for the Washington Post

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