Gentleman Jack debuts TV commercial

jpatton1@herald-leader.comApril 22, 2013 

The new commercial for Gentleman Jack from Jack Daniel's is the distiller's first TV campaign in 25 years, parent Brown-Forman says.

The Order of Gentlemen sounds like a graphic novel, but it isn't.

It's the new marketing campaign for Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey. The slogan debuted last week in Jack Daniel's first television campaign in 25 years, according to Brown-Forman, corporate parent of Jack Daniel's.

"The Order of Gentlemen" is a play on words — is it a drink (the order of Gentleman Jack) or a secret society?

The commercial, starring film and TV veteran Titus Welliver (of Argo fame) is titled "Secret Meetings." A mysterious man (Welliver) at a desk in an alley pours a glass of Gentleman Jack and says, "The society? I suppose we'd run around wearing rings (he flashes a ring) and having secret meetings."

The commercial debuted April 14 during Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown on CNN.

To build on the campaign developed by Arnold Worldwide, Jack Daniel's will have a "microsite" ( for "gentlemen" with a Facebook page; "gentlemen" will be invited to take challenges, become official designees of "the order" and reap rewards. The more one participates, the more the rewards.

"The campaign targets men who are transitioning from their 'carefree single' days into more maturity," John Hayes, senior vice president and managing director of Jack Daniel's, said in a news release. "These people still have a fondness for (regular) Jack Daniel's. As they grow up, Jack Daniel's might represent a bit more of their younger days, and they are looking to step up."

For the record, women are allowed to become Friends of the Order.

"Both Gentleman Jack and The Order of Gentlemen are wholly open to, and appreciative of, women who enjoy the things we do," Brown-Forman said in response to an inquiry. "Living the life of a Gentleman — meaning a person of character, purpose, and generosity, who is responsible in all things — is hardly the sole domain of either man or woman. And please do keep enjoying Gentleman Jack. You can even think of it as Gentlewoman Jack. Either way, as long as you enjoy it."

As for those rewards ... only one hint of what awaits.

"The Order, like all Gentlemen, is generous with its friends."

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