Give food trucks OK

May 21, 2013 

Mia Nonni food truck outside West Sixth Brewing Company in Lexington, Ky., on May 16, 2013. Photo by Pablo Alcala | Staff

PABLO ALCALA — Lexington Herald-Leader Buy Photo

There's hope Lexington's food-truck diet will be over soon.

The Lexington Parking Authority board last week signed on to a proposed ordinance to allow food trucks in public parking spaces, clearing the final hurdle before presentation Tuesday to the Urban County Council. Food trucks already may operate on private property.

The proposed six-month pilot program designates certain zones downtown where food trucks may operate, with specifications about hours and how they will pay for the spaces they're using.

The council should act favorably, and quickly, on this common-sense approach so food trucks could start operating in the designated zones as soon as next month.

That will give everyone — food trucks, city government, brick-and-mortar restaurants, the parking authority, the health department — the rest of the year to see how it all works and suggest adjustments as necessary.

Traditional restaurants are understandably uneasy about inviting in a competing group with lower fixed costs.

But a lively culture of diverse sidewalk food holds out the promise of attracting many more adventurous diners to our center city, which could benefit us all.

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