Burgoo Something to stew over

May 24, 2013 

Andy Barr's voting record is something Elisabeth Jensen hopes to exploit.

In his weekly report to constituents Rep. Andy Barr, R-Lexington, starts off with a fairly mild item about federal crop insurance and then launches into a multi-faceted screed against Obamacare. "The supporters of Obamacare are supporting a part time work economy. And most of all, they are hurting patients," he writes. But that's not all: "The President's flawed law hurts American families." He then trumpets the "Live by the Laws You Write Act!" that proposes to ensure those who wrote Obamacare "don't get away with special treatment." After all this, Barr recounts a TV interview he gave, "to discuss the hyper-partisanship shown by this Administration." Please, congressman, you can't have it both ways. Go right ahead and slam the president for threatening jobs, health and families but don't in the next breath whine about partisanship. Let's call it the "live by the words you write" rule.

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