John Clay's notes: Bilas says UK's Goodwin talented enough to be first-rounder

Herald-Leader Sports ColumnistJune 26, 2013 

Kentucky guard Archie Goodwin hit Kentucky's last field goal of the game on this dunk as Kentucky defeated Florida 61-57 on March 9. Goodwin joined Nerlens Noel, Julius Mays and Twany Beckham in a news conference Monday at the John Calipari Basketball Procamp in Memorial Coliseum.


Random notes:

■ All the speculation about Nerlens Noel and the NBA Draft has overshadowed Archie Goodwin and the NBA Draft.

One is a former UK player who could be the first player selected Thursday night. The latter is a former UK player who is hoping to sneak into the first round Thursday night.

On an ESPN teleconference Wednesday, analyst Jay Bilas, who will be a big part of Thursday night's broadcast, sized up Goodwin.

"I think Archie is a good talent who had a tough year," Bilas said. "He's not a great shooter. He's good in transition. He's very good athletically. He's good off the dribble. But he's not a point guard."

Goodwin's prospects as a pro should not be judged solely on his struggles in his lone college season.

"He did not meet the expectations that everybody had for him, but that doesn't mean he's still not a good prospect," Bilas said. "This start is not the finish for him. He can and will get better. I've got him slated as top of the second round. He's talented enough to be a first-round pick."

■ On a Tuesday teleconference, ESPN draft analyst Chad Ford said the analytics devotees put Nerlens Noel over Maryland's Alex Len for one reason.

"They find a predictive quality in steals," Ford said. "When big men get steals they have found that number is predictive of NBA success. You get a lot of steals as a big man, the people who have done that in the past in college have gone on to have great NBA careers. If you don't get steals, it shows the opposite, that big men who can't get steals in college when they get to the NBA they fail.

"What do you have? You have Nerlens Noel 2.2 steals a game, which is phenomenal for a big man. What do have in Alex Len — 0.3 steals per game, horrible even for a big man. All of a sudden there's the big change."

■ Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio recently took a public shot at Kentucky's recruiting efforts in Ohio, saying UK lacked "continuity."

This is when you know you are making progress, when your opponents feel the need to strike back.

■ Did you see where Noel had Internet users vote on which suit he should wear to the NBA Draft?

Going to try that with my wife next time she asks me to go with her dress shopping.

■ Imagine that, a Florida football player (i.e. Aaron Hernandez) in trouble with the law.

■ Actually, Kevin Brockway of the Gainesville Sun reports that while Urban Meyer was Florida's coach, there were 29 Gators arrested while Georgia had 30 players arrested.

Knew the Bulldogs had to beat Meyer at something.

■ For those who were surprised by the timing of Kyle Wiltjer's potential transfer announcement, he was always the trailer on a fast break.

■ And 247 Sports recruiting analyst Jerry Meyer, who was blasted for his post-season tweet that Wiltjer would transfer to Gonzaga, was just ahead of his time.

■ Do you think it has hit Rick Pitino yet that his tattoo is really permanent?

■ If the NCAA really wanted to punish Oregon football it would make it wear boring uniforms.

■ A local news channel's tease said Morehead State basketball coach Sean Woods "opens up" about last season. Didn't realize Sean ever "shut it down."

■ Did you know 28 NFL players have been arrested since the end of the season.

Could be its own CBS CSI spinoff.

■ A Washington Post columnist says the Wizards should think twice about giving John Wall a maximum contract after Wall revealed that he had new tattoos. Yeah, and I'd stay away from LeBron and his tattoos, too.

■ Good luck to Chris Lofton, who has been cleared to play basketball again after undergoing back surgery.

■ South Carolina Coach Frank Martin said his first reaction to news the SEC office wanted to approve basketball scheduling was "I'm not in kindergarten."

We might need to have a ruling on that.

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