Letters to editor: Aug. 22

August 22, 2013 

Bevin, Tea Party hurting GOP, aiding Democrats

When Matt Bevin, a Tea Party member, announced his opposition to Sen. Mitch McConnell, Bevin sounded like a Democrat. He regurgitated all the negatives Democrats throw at McConnell.

Bevin spouted the "been around too long" barb at McConnell just like the Democrats do.

As a 75- year-old, I don't appreciate that comment. It's a slap at anyone who has been "seasoned" in life.

Bevin's campaign has brought to mind rumors about how Democrats are joining the Tea Party to sabotage Republicans.

Tea Party leaders like Sen. Rand Paul have endorsed McConnell. By not endorsing him, the Tea Party is in danger of losing its credibility.

The Tea Party has been making three big mistakes.

First, many attack Republicans when they should be attacking Democrats.

Second, they inject candidates into primaries and then lose the general election. That happened in four Senate races: 2010 (Colorado, Delaware and Nevada) and at least once in 2012 (Indiana).

Third, the Tea Party needs to understand that they have to win the general elections in order to accomplish their objectives of limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility.

Those are the objectives of all Republicans, McConnell and myself included. Extremism drives centrist and moderate voters away. It makes Tea Party people look like Democrats.

Now, with Bevin and his Tea Party supporters attacking McConnell, there is the danger that could happen in Kentucky in 2014. We could end up with a Democrat in the Senate.

Perhaps that is Bevin's intent.

Edward L. Smith, Jr.

Park Hills

Open minds on climate

I feel the need to reply to the letter that questioned the University of Kentucky's judgment in allowing me to have a special interest group on the controversial topic of climate change.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute curriculum committee met with me to discuss the subject matter that I proposed to present. I brought along samples of the material I was going to use for them to read and comment on.

Some of the committee members were of the opinion of the letter writer — that increases in CO2 cause climate change. But they decided people should have a chance to hear what I had to say. I congratulate them for their commitment to open dialogue.

All my sources are highly qualified scientists in the fields of meteorology, astrophysics, solar physics, geology and computer modeling.

Science is not a one-sided proposition or a matter to be decided by a committee vote. The Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming theory has not had an open debate.

Mainstream media have sided with the computer simulation scientists and basically censored any information not in lock step with the theme that mankind is destroying the earth.

I told the committee my objective is to present information that has not been made available to the public by mainstream media.

It's interesting material that highlights the complexities of our climate system and offers empirically derived research, instead of computer simulations.

George Tomaich


Enslaved by the greedy

Since the beginning of the history of the world, we have had many types of slavery.

We had the Civil War to stop the enslavement of blacks and make all mankind equal in the eyes of the law.

It took many years of push, shove and money by special interests to bring us to today's new type of slavery: economic slavery or modern-day slavery.

Call it what you want, but it is still slavery of special interests by special interests for special interests.

While the taxpayer is working two jobs, they are stealing the bread right off the taxpayer's table.

Should we put God back at the helm of this country, in our schools and our public places or lose this county to a few greedy power-hungry men?

It's time to say "enough." But leave your muskets at home.

Cliff Barker


Key fact missing

Some weeks ago, a terrible accident occurred on Nicholasville Road at Bannon Crossing when a husband and wife were killed as they were driving toward Lexington and a pickup truck going towards Nicholasville left the correct outgoing lane and crashed into their car.

In vain I read the paper as to the possible reason why the driver of the pickup caused this tragedy. Was he/she drunk or reading or texting or suffering an emergency medical condition?

And what was the name of this driver? We were certainly told the names of the victims.

So what kind of clout did the driver have that he/she was never named?

Was that person well known in political circles or related to someone who is? Or endowed with money?

And yet in the Aug. 18 issue on page A10, the local readers are allowed to read about an upcoming trial of a teen accused of killing an infant in Georgia.

How many readers are concerned about Kentucky news rather than a trial in Georgia?

The accident killed two Lexington residents, tied up traffic for hours and caused not only grief, but also the cost to clean up.

But the readers are not permitted to know all the facts.

No wonder the subscription rate of what is supposed to be "our" newspaper is down.

Joann Walker


Jury can ignore law

I want to thank the letter writer who wrote in about jury nullification. Voting "not guilty" on a jury is your greatest power as a citizen.

You have the power to judge the very law itself, no matter what the law says or what the judge tells you. You do not have to vote a certain way.

If you believe people should not go to jail because of marijuana, then you should always vote not guilty if you are a juror. This will force prosecutors to stop putting people in jail for pot.

Jury nullification is real power that has a direct effect on the out-of-control legal system and its crazy level of law enforcement that is stuffing our prisons with nonviolent drug offenders.

Voting in a presidential election allows you to express 1/250 millionth of an opinion, while jury nullification allows you to directly affect our legal system.

If you get called to jury duty and you do not believe that drug users should be filling our prisons, then you should vote not guilty and make a real statement.

The power is yours.

You do not have to follow the instructions from the judge or go by the wording of the law, you have the power to judge the law itself.

This is the secret that our trillion-dollar legal system does not want you to know.

John Sabot


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