Anti-bullying signs will help keep children safe

August 22, 2013 

An anti-bullying sign on a Fayette County school bus.

PABLO ALCALA — Lexington Herald-Leader Buy Photo

Thanks to Bluegrass Crimestoppers for sending an important message to students in Fayette County Public Schools.

The organization has posted anti-bullying signs in school buses and will soon have them in cafeterias as well.

This seemingly small step could make a big difference in the lives of youngsters — on both ends of the abusive behavior.

The signs, which say "Bullying ... Not In Our School," provide numbers that students can call to report bullying or get help.

The calls will go to the schools' law-enforcement division or Lexington police who will refer most of them to school counselors. Law enforcement officers will step in when warranted.

Adult intervention can prevent school bullying from escalating into violence and crime.

The message from Crimestoppers reenforces the Fayette school board's laudable anti-bullying policy and will remind youngsters and adults alike that schools should be safe places for everyone to learn.

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