Mr. Football winners

August 23, 2013 

Elijah Sindelar

Winners listed below along with their schools, positions

2012: James QuickTrinity WR

2011: Patrick Towles Highlands QB

2010: Lamar Dawson Boyle Co. LB

2009: Antonio Andrews Fort Campbell QB

2008: Deuce Finch St. Xavier RB

2007: Corey Robinson Lone Oak QB

2006: Douglas Beaumont Male RB/WR

2005: Micah Johnson Fort Campbell LB

2004: Curtis Pulley Hopkinsville QB

2003: Brian Brohm Trinity QB

2002: Michael Bush Male QB/RB

2001: Jeff Duggins Boyle Co. QB

2000: Montrell Jones Male WR

1999: Travis Atwell Hancock Co. QB/DB

1998: Jared Lorenzen Highlands QB

1997: Dennis Johnson Harrodsburg DL

1996: Derek Homer Fort Knox RB

1995: Tim Couch Leslie Co. QB

1994: Shaun Alexander Boone Co. RB

1993: Jeremy Simpson Lincoln Co. RB

1992: Billy Jack Haskins Tilghman QB

1991: Scott Russell Evarts RB

1990: Damon Hood Warren Central RB

1989: Pookie Jones Calloway Co. QB

1988: Jeff Brohm Trinity QB

1987: Kurt Barber Tilghman LB

1986: Frank Jacobs Newport Catholic TE

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