Letters to the editor: Aug. 27

August 27, 2013 

Nurse who hit boulder: Drivers are still at risk

I am the nurse who hit the boulder in 2011 on Camp Nelson Bridge, resulting in herniated cervical discs, post-concussion syndrome and permanent nerve damage. I have a cadaver bone and titanium plate in my neck.

I was coming home from work, where I had been a surgical intensive-care unit nurse for 21 years.

I was terminated by University of Kentucky Hospital a few weeks after surgery, applied for unemployment and was sent paperwork saying I had voluntarily quit.

I wrote to Gov. Steve Beshear and told him about my accident. He said Camp Nelson Bridge would be assessed. He wrote that there would have more "falling rocks" signs.

Every American deserves safe highways. There had been two previous rock slides in this area, and it looks like there are numerous rocks ready to fall.

I tell people to stay in the left lane so they will have a chance if a boulder falls. No one deserves to go through what I have.

Nancy Miracle


Grimes best choice

Alison Grimes is the best Senate candidate for Kentucky. She is honest, straight-talking and intelligent; she will do what is best for Kentuckians.

Former Republican Party gubernatorial candidate Larry Forgy stated that Sen. Mitch McConnell is controlling and a career politician. He is right that McConnell is only looking out for himself.

McConnell only comes to Kentucky to get money or get your vote — often both — before going back to Washington to do nothing for the people of Kentucky.

Remember McConnell turned against fellow Republican Sen. Jim Bunning, implying he was too old and needed to step down. He wanted someone to run who he could control.

But now he is the old one — 71 years old, to be exact.

He needs to be removed, and Alison Grimes is just the one who we need to replace him.

He spent four years trying to make President Barack Obama a one-term president. He failed. During that time he has done nothing for the people of Kentucky by being the lead obstructionist in Congress.

I will vote no to Mitch McConnell.

Walter Brady


Paul versus Christie

It never fails that whenever I think Sen. Rand Paul is doing a good job representing our state, he opens his big mouth and ends up looking like an idiot.

Such is the case with his recent rants against Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

The truth is that Christie has done a remarkable job rebuilding the storm-damaged areas of New Jersey.

He is respected by both Democrats and Republicans in his state for balancing the budget and being fiscally responsible.

Paul, by flapping his jaws, not only alienates himself from many in the Republican Party who happen to like Christie and see him as a viable presidential candidate but also eliminates himself from consideration as a serious party leader.

Robert Casey


Combs on target

As your Aug. 8 editorial pointed out, Rep. Leslie Combs understands the importance of coal as well or better than any public official in our commonwealth.

Her knowledge of the subject is broad and wide. She knows both the economics and the ecology. We need to hear more from her and others like her.

You wrote, "Her words provide more evidence that Kentuckians of good will are eager to get to work building a better future for our coalfields."

Yes, indeed. It appears to me that her insights offer the Kentucky Democratic Party a new slogan: We need a public consensus on coal — not a war on coal.

Tom Louderback


EMT great, costly

One morning, our Liars' Club. which meets early at a local bakery, adjourned. As we left, one of our members slipped on ice and fell in the driveway.

We were all impressed that the EMTs arrived within minutes. Since the person was injured, he was transported by ambulance to an emergency room.

The Lexington Fire Department responds with whatever equipment might be needed for out-of-control fires. There is no charge for fire equipment and none for EMT services if required at the scene.

If, however, an injured or ill person is transported, there is a substantial fee that we are told is well over $900.

Our unanswered question is, "Why the added charge?"

James McGlennon


Old TV shows valued

I want to issue thanks and gratitude to the local television stations that have been showing reruns of old shows, from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Yes, some of them can be a little silly, but they were wholesome and decent. Children could safely be left in front of the screen with most shows back then.

It's refreshing to see characters who speak, dress and act like ladies and gentlemen.

Thanks for letting us baby boomers, and perhaps others, enjoy these old shows once again.

Patricia Ann Ellis


Impressed by police

I was very impressed when I participated in the excellent ride-along program with the Lexington-Fayette Police Department.

Citizens of our community can apply to ride along with an officer for one shift and shadow the officer through his or her work day.

It was amazing to see the numerous types of calls received and their quick response time.

Every officer I observed was polite, professional and considerate, even when people were not treating them with the respect they deserved.

I witnessed a clear commitment to the safety and care of Lexington citizens. In one situation, children were involved. The officers were very careful about what was said in front of the children and helped to put them at ease.

I commend the professionalism of our police department and respect the work they do for us. I am better informed since taking advantage of this great community program and admire the officers' commitment to serve.

Carla Van Hoose


Act of kindness

One morning an elderly gentleman came into my place of employment en route to taking his wife to a medical appointment.

His alternator had just quit working on his vehicle. It was obvious that the gentleman would need someone to help him with this repair.

One of our customers who owns a landscaping company was shopping and learned of the man's need. He immediately offered to help the man and installed the alternator.

I was impressed with the concern that was shown for others. I hope everyone who reads this will pass on an act of kindness towards someone in need.

Josie Taylor


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