Letters to editor: Sept. 13

September 13, 2013 

Kroger's tailgating ad focused too much on alcohol

In the Sunday paper after the University of Kentucky football team's big win, Kroger's two-page insert had the headline: "Friends. Football. Tailgating. Pick up everything you need for the big game!"

Now what would you expect Kroger to promote for tailgating? Fried chicken? Chicken wings? Hot dogs? Side items like cole slaw, baked beans. Potato salad? No, sorry but you guessed wrong.

Kroger's ad was all liquor items, including 18 different bottles of wine and also vodka, bourbon, rum, whiskey, and the list goes on.

And if that weren't enough, on the first page of its food ad, it promoted 12 different cases of beer.

Now what great parent wants to take their kids to the game and have them guzzle down a whole bottle of whatever they choose?

None that I can think of, so please go anywhere but Kroger for all your tailgating needs.

Darrell G. Gross


Thanks for new trail

I wish to express my gratitude for all those who worked on the new paved extension of the Brighton East Rail Trail, which now runs from Man o' War all the way to the end of Walnut Grove Lane.

I have joined many others of all ages biking, jogging and walking this lovely shaded way. This is a significant addition to Lexington's recreational offerings.

Carl Lee


Wrong move on zipline

What a green concept: ziplines, fishing, hiking, a guarantee to keep forests and hills undeveloped plus an encouragement of healthful lifestyles to boot. Why stop this burgeoning young business which keeps green space at no cost to taxpayers? What a concept. Where are your brains, planning commission?

Susan Whitehouse


Power of a word

Let me get this straight. An African-American sues her ex-boss all for using the n-word in a tirade against her. She won a whole lot of money. What that tells me is the n-word is bad for anyone to say, lest they get sued. I see a whole lot of suing in the near future.

Leonard E. Finn


Battle over control

The Board of Health and the Healthfirst directors seem like children disagreeing on the playground.

If these people lose the federal grant to build a new facility, they should all be fired. From an outsider looking in it seems this entire discussion is over control.

A recent letter said the auditor's report into HealthFirst was scathing. That report was nothing more than the auditor coming up with what they could to justify their time spent, or rather wasted.

Johnny H. Mounts


Coal top priority

Coal is used in the production of iron, and the coal industry has ruled the commonwealth with an iron fist for decades.

The future health of Kentuckians — including "Friends of Coal" — is irrelevant to the coal industry and its regulatory friends. Coal interests come first and foremost in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Stephen Halbert


PR offensive

If Syrian President Bashar Assad is smart, he will follow the example of President Barack Obama in dealing with his chemical weapons scandal.

Specifically, I suggest that he spend millions of dollars on advertising to permeate both the American and world media with the message that the use of chemical weapons is all a phony scandal.

If he does this, I am sure that the U.S. will back down and do nothing. After all, why should Assad be persecuted over a phony scandal just because he is a Muslim?

Boyd B. Richardson


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