Lexington tourism office urges 'Share the Lex' in new video

ctruman@herald-leader.comSeptember 19, 2013 

George Dixon portrayed Daniel Boone for the "Share the Lex" campaign video.


    Watch the 'Share the Lex' video: Bit.ly/188CUvs

    Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau: Visitlex.com

Are you ready to "share the Lex?'' The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau wants you to be.

It has launched a YouTube video featuring "Daniel Boone," played by actor George Dixon, along with a cast of Lexingtonians urging city residents to share what's great about the city — including craft beer and cool boutiques — by word of mouth and on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Urbanspoon. The goal is to encourage visitors to Lexington to sample more varied venues in the city and provide them with a more authentic experience.

The bureau knows that many people travel for business, but many also travel to visit with friends. That's the group they're targeting: travelers who want an "authentic" Lexington experience guided by those who know the area the best.

"We live here," says "Daniel Boone," standing at Boone Creek and taking a swig of creek water. "We have lots to be excited about. And we have plenty of reasons to share."

There's a social media tag for it: #sharethelex.

Christy Hiler, chief strategic officer of Cornett-IMS, which created the video, said travelers are "craving the local experience" as seen in such publications as Southern Living and Garden & Gun.

"Lexington is emerging, it's exploding, the culinary scene and all these cultural offerings," Hiler said. "But most people beyond here don't know it, and we need them to know it."

The video acknowledges Lexington — or "the 859," as Boone calls it — as a stronghold for bourbon, horses and basketball, but it urges Lexingtonians to spread the word about its other attributes.

It features Lexingtonians including poet Frank X Walker, bookstore owner Wyn Morris, Herald-Leader columnist Tom Eblen and Mayor Jim Gray, plus representatives from business startups, food purveyors, retailers and hipsters. There's also Todd Wylie, a guy with a truly impressive fluffy beard.

The tone is simultaneously sincere and arch.

Businesses will be given signs to put on their windows urging patrons to "Share the Lex."

"It's meant to really be fun but deliver a message and a call to action," said Cornett's Whit Hiler, also one of the people behind the Kentucky for Kentucky state-pride campaign.


Watch the 'Share the Lex' video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByHMFeV4kR4

Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau: Visitlex.com

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