Letters to editor: Nov. 13

November 13, 2013 

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U.S. Iranians want Slim Jims dominance

Somebody has finally sniffed our secret out. A recent letter writer implored Americans to "wake up" to the threat presented by Iranians living in the U.S.

I teach Shakespeare; my Iranian family and friends are engineers, carpenters and poets; they perform surgery, practice law, fix cars, run restaurants.

They are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Mormon. They eat turkey at Thanksgiving.

But our perceptive writer has uncovered the single aspiration that unites us all: We wish to own service stations. Rarely do I fill up or purchase a Slurpee without experiencing a sharp stab of ownership envy.

Still, I have faith that with each passing day, the universal Iranian-American dream of forcing every native to buy Slim Jims exclusively from us comes just a bit nearer.

The writer is correct about something else as well: We indeed send money to the Middle East, which I suppose is as sensible a reason as any for the military strikes he so ardently desires.

Why just this past year, my 80 year-old father mailed each and every one of his relatives' children crisp five-dollar bills for their birthdays. One shudders to think what those little ones are doing with all that money.

Kevin Rahimzadeh


Barr's hypocrisy

An Oct. 20 letter gave high praise to Rep. Andy Barr for voting against the bill to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling.

The writer should also give Barr (and Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell and other Republicans) high praise for taking $24 billion out of the U.S. economy, as well as adding negative economic factors — an embarrassment worldwide.

Barr, Paul, McConnell and fellow Republicans never miss an opportunity to rant against the federal deficit (which has been reduced dramatically under Obama, but they don't seem to know) when it comes to social programs which help poor people.

But they have no problem with deficit spending when it comes to aiding the rich and their political agenda, such as subsidies to oil corporations (which rake in billions of dollars every year in profits), tax breaks for millionaires for yachts and jets, farm subsidies for members of Congress (who voted to whack food stamps from the budget because poor people "game the system"), and the beat goes on.

But those darn entitlements, such as Social Security and Medicare, which have been paid for by those of us who worked hard all our lives, we've got to get them under control.

I don't like deficits any more than the Republicans, but I dislike more the hypocrisy of Barr, Paul and McConnell, et. al.

Lawrence E. Durr


Obama act-alike

President Barack Obama reminds me of Sergeant Shultz on the TV show Hogan's Heroes.

Always it's "I know nothing," or "I see nothing." This guy is either the most incompetent politician ever or the most slothful, and I have no idea which one it is.

The Fast and Furious scandal Benghazi, monitoring U.S. cell phone calls, spying on leaders of our friends, "you can keep your insurance," knew nothing about the roll out, and the list goes on.

No Republican or conservative would ever get away this type of answer.

Totally confusing.

P. Lee Greer Jr.


Get the joke

Three senators — a Republican, a Democrat and a Tea Partier — sit down for coffee the morning after the shutdown ends. "Well, we really dodged that Syria thing, didn't we?" All nod wisely.

Daniel L. French


Good Samaritan

My daughter, granddaughter and myself had a blowout on the highway coming home from seeing my oldest grandchild at college.

God was with us and sent an angel by the name of Travis Ruth, who worked at the safety patrol.

This young man went beyond being just helpful, he stayed with us while my daughter talked to AAA; he talked to us to make us feel comfortable.

When my daughter said the tow truck would not be able to carry all of us, he offered to take us to the next exit. He didn't feel the closest one was safe for two females, so he offered to take us to the next one.

He then went back and stayed with my daughter, because he knew I was really worried about her being out there at night by herself.

I just want to tell anyone who sees this young man to give him a pat on the back and say good job.

Donna Wortham


A vote for Bevin

I've had it with Sen. Mitch McConnell. As we watched the media coverage surrounding Sen. Ted Cruz's historic filibuster, and his stand against Obamacare, the one person who should have been front and center with him, McConnell, was nowhere to be found.

Our other senator, Rand Paul, was right there with him, making a stand again. But McConnell? He was playing politics and making deals that are best for him.

What about Kentucky? What about America? It is time for someone who cares more about Louisville, Owensboro and Lexington than they do about D.C., Arlington and Georgetown.

Isn't McConnell supposed to represent the interests of Kentucky? No one wants Obamacare, and yet McConnell is playing political games to appease both sides.

I don't mind compromise, but I do mind when our senator and alleged Republican leader is more concerned with what the people in D.C. think of him than what the people of Kentucky think of him.

I say we let McConnell stay in D.C. and send a real Kentuckian to represent us. It's time for Matt Bevin to be our next U.S. senator.

Scott Hofstra

Vine Grove

Obama: 2 out of 3

Recent letters smash President Barack Obama and his health care act. For the record, I support our commander in chief.

First, he was left in a bad position by President George W. Bush. He inherited a poor economy, wars and a dismal health care system.

He has done well on one of three issues. We don't need to hold our breath on the economy, but I can see some hope on the nation's health care.

The only negative, Obama sided with Republicans on health care reform, imitating former Gov. Mitt Romney's plan in Massachusetts, instead of the health care reform he wanted.

He compromised from his goal to get everybody covered. Today the goal is getting 90 percent covered. That 10 percent should not have been compromised when dealing with people's health.

Besides that, Obama may be buying time to add to the reform so it will become affordable for all.

Danny McIntosh


Special-election letters

Letters about candidates in the Dec. 10 special election for the 13th Senate District are limited to 150 words and must be received by 5 p.m. Monday, Dec. 2. Letters from candidates, their campaign staffs and family members will not be published.

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