Plan to explode mustard munitions advances at Blue Grass Army Depot

Herald-Leader Staff ReportNovember 13, 2013 

These 155mm shells are similar to ones holding mustard or blister agent at the depot.

GREG KOCHER | STAFF — Greg Kocher | Staff

A company's technology has been selected to explode mustard munitions inside a stainless steel vessel at Blue Grass Army Depot.

A static detonation chamber manufactured by UXB International Inc. will be used to destroy the mustard munitions in a spherical, armored and high-alloy steel vessel. Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass, the contractor building a plant that will destroy chemical weapons at the depot, made the announcement in a release this week.

The equipment also contains a carbon-filtration system to ensure that air released into the environment is clean. Final permitting from the state is necessary before the technology may be used.

The technology is necessary because many of the mustard munitions have solidified agent that would be difficult and dangerous for workers to remove.

Most of the chemical stockpile at the depot will be destroyed at the plant south of Richmond, where construction is 73 percent complete.

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