Letters to the editor: Nov. 19

November 19, 2013 

Barr willing to negotiate, but not Democrats

Democrats blame Congressman Andy Barr for the recent federal government shutdown. Not surprisingly, their partisan rants are not-so-veiled attempts to appeal to Kentuckians' emotions and make Barr out to be a bogeyman. An example is former candidate Joe Palumbo's criticism in the Herald-Leader.

I maintain that a freshman congressman would not, could not and did not bring a government shutdown. I suggest that Palumbo look at the actions of those in his own party. Where were Sen. Harry Reid and President Barack Obama when congressional Republicans repeatedly tried to negotiate?

I offer an added suggestion to Palumbo: that he do his research before attacking others. After all, Andy Barr voted more than 20 times to avoid a shutdown or fund essential parts of the government. Barr voted to continue paying our veterans, assist single mothers and their children, fund the National Institutes of Health and keep national parks open.

Palumbo fails to mention that Barr voted for the Full Faith and Credit Act, which would have prevented the government from ever going off the fiscal cliff. The act would have led to a more meaningful, substantive debate among our leaders about reforming our reckless spending, and done so without the threat of default held over the heads of reformers like Barr.

Kyle Phillips


Pipeline education

Boardwalk Pipeline Partners vice president Michael E. McMahon stated he was "very comfortable educating" Scott County residents at a public hearing with the Fiscal Court in a question-and-answer forum.

In a packed room, residents did a good job of educating McMahon: Kentuckians won't roll over, allowing anyone to take their land and property rights without a fight.

Residents amazed and impressed listeners with their knowledge and raw emotions, begging for honest answers. Many admitted attending three or four information sessions and leaving disappointed with Boardwalk officials' non-answers.

The most asked question, "Can you give me a simple yes or no," was never answered.

That's not how Boardwalk and Williams Co. do business from Texas.

Questions about trust and their abysmal safety records, citing cases, met with responses that they didn't have exact information, and ignored current Colorado pipeline breaks.

Total silence answered, "Isn't it an irrefutable fact pipelines do leak regardless of state-of-the art methods?"

Is eminent domain following the rules? Landowners believe land grabs are game-changers.

Why doesn't Boardwalk need the Corps of Engineers' permission before construction?

The abbey and the sisters of Loretto said a resounding "no" to pipelines on their land.

Nuns attending the Capitol Annex meeting weren't allowed to speak. They did laugh audibly while listening to gas executives and their lawyers' speeches.

Nuns have an uncanny ability to know when little boys are lying.

Judy Rembacki


Cats tickets for kids

Like many UK season ticket holders, my husband and I are sometimes left with tickets we are unable to use.

Why not use these tickets to pair up needy children with law enforcement officers who are willing to escort them to these games and back home safely? We could call this program something such as "Cops and Kiddie Cats." This would be a way to treat these children to a fun time with our very deserving public servants.

Julie Croley


Paul's duplicity

The latest controversy involving Sen. Rand Paul goes to some length to display his duplicitous ways. He thrusts himself into the national spotlight again and again, and then complains that he wishes people would leave him "the hell alone." A suggestion then. If Paul doesn't like the spotlight, he could:

A. stop plagiarizing, B. pursue a lower, less outrageous profile, or, (and this is my favorite), C. step down from his position as senator and return to being an innocuous eye doctor. Chances are few will notice his duplicity then.

John Klus


Construction a mess

I live on Codell Drive across from an apartment renovation construction site.

It is one big mess. They work seven days a week from sunup to sundown. The noise is horrible, and dust and dirt are on everything and blowing around. They have cut down all the beautiful old trees on the property, exposing us to ugly views and noise. The trees served as a barrier to all that, plus were home to squirrels and birds.

Now we have a view of concrete, billboards, New Circle Road and its traffic and ugly creamish-colored apartment buildings. They have been working on them for over a year and they aren't near being finished. They call this an improvement.

Nancy Sampson


Dems to blame

It has been several years since I last wrote, but the recent mantra from the fascist left in this country has again fueled my ire.

We have an out of control, Constitution-breaking president and attorney general trying to run roughshod over our basic rights.

We have many Rambo wanna bes in our law enforcement agencies around the country and many cities in Kentucky who think because they wear a badge they are above the law or they can make up their law as they see fit,

All this, and the Socialist mainstream media call the Tea Party and the Constitutional Party terrorists?

Who keeps bringing up race? The Democrats.

Who keeps making it harder for Americans to get a well-paying job? The Democrats.

Who have been the ones to call for stifling speech and not allowing citizens the right to peaceably assemble? The Democrats and the mainstream media.

Are there Republicans who are less than perfect? Of course. But do me one favor; do an Internet search on the Occupy movement or the Services Employees International Union or any other liberal gathering or demonstration, and look at the outcome. Trash all over, sometimes cars burned and windows broken, lives lost.

Now compare to the conservative demonstrations.

I rest my case. Who are the terrorists?

Jim Fishback


A Texan for Bevin

I would like to urge the good people of Kentucky to tell the GOP establishment that they back the people's candidate, Matt Bevin.

No one had heard of Ted Cruz when he started running and the GOP was behind their chosen politician.

Do you really want more of the same, a deal-making, back-door politician, or someone who will represent you? Sure, Sen. Mitch McConnell brings the bacon home; that's what all the entrenched do to stay in power.

Texans had enough. Now it's your turn. Elect a true conservative. The nation is watching.

Pat Langa

Denton, Texas

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