Letters to the editor: Nov. 30

November 30, 2013 

Sitting and running your motor is an idle threat

I am excited and grateful for many initiatives our city has employed toward making Lexington a cleaner and healthier place to live, from weekly waste pickup to easy recycling and yard-waste collection, to the Legacy trail. I would like to suggest the next step in this process, and it is a no-idle ordinance.

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed an empty tour bus idling with the air conditioner on for an hour, a potted plant delivery truck that idled for over 30 minutes, and the list goes on.

While the high price of fuel should discourage idling, (on average, two minutes of idling uses as much fuel as driving one mile) it does not.

Burning fuel while idling is not only wasteful, it affects air quality. Hundreds of cities around the country have no-idle ordinances, from Minneapolis to Houston.

It would be great if Lexington could join this list. It would help us all breathe a little easier. I have contacted the city government about it and received a prompt and polite response, but no follow-up.

Barbara Szubinska


Reptile Expo questions

"I don't care what you do with them as long as you buy them." He picked up a baby mouse no bigger than a bottle cap, "You could just eat them like popcorn." This statement led me to believe I was venturing into a black market.

On November 2, the Kentucky Reptile Expo was held at the Lexington Center. With my camera at hand, I was quick to start taking photographs of all the creatures coiled up tightly in little plastic containers selling anywhere from $80 to $500. Snakes comprised about 75 percent of the inventory, along with mice, geckos, bearded dragons, turtles, chameleons, arachnids, scorpions and numerous roaches.

There were two giant tortoises. Working on shifts, one was kept in a blue tote the exact size of the animal itself, allowing no room for movement. The other was roaming the floor with small toddlers pulling on its neck and harassing it. When I asked questions about the nature of the animals, I got vague answers. "What does it eat?" "Well, basically it'll eat whatever you give it." "Does it care if I touch it?" "Oh no. Not really. It can't really feel."

These responses reflected the vendors' lack of knowledge. I don't have adequate understanding of the breeding industry or black markets, but the experience I gained from the event left me with questions about the care, business, demand for and profit from these exotic creatures.

Darion Carden


Help the young achieve

Some time ago I started to think that I needed to do something positive about education reform, not just complain about it. I ran for public office. That wasn't successful, so I inquired about teaching a Junior Achievement class. A personal background check was completed. Then I volunteered to teach an economics class at Lafayette High school. My classroom teacher has been a real joy to work with. Her class of 32 students from several grades has responded in a variety of meaningful ways. They seem hungry for knowledge about the real world. As a 50-year veteran of the private sector, I can provide some perspective. It takes just a couple of hours a week. Detailed lesson plans are supplied by JA.

Are you a retired or semi-retired business executive, just sitting around complaining about how bad things are with young people? If so, turn off the radio, get on the web and contact Ron at JA here in Fayette County. He can hook you up with some real opportunities where you can give back some of the things you've experienced over the years. Who knows, you might learn some cool new things from these terrific young people. I did.

Doug Jones


Support gun curbs

As a mom my heart is broken over another school shooting. If your heart is broken too then hug your kids, dry your tears and act. My heart and mind are with the victims of the 16th shooting at an American school in 2013, in Nevada. It's time for Congress to do its job and protect American children. Please act in honor of the victims and help prevent another shooting at a U.S. school. Ask your representative to co-sponsor this important legislation in the House. The King-Thompson expanded background check bill (H.R. 1565) is common sense gun safety legislation and is supported by 90 percent of Americans.

The bill requires background checks for all gun sales in commercial settings, including at gun shows, on the Internet, and in classified ads.

It does not cover other types of transfers, including those between friends and family. It prohibits gun registries.

Let your representative know that you expect Congress to represent and support American families, not the gun lobby.

Tracey Goodlett

Lebanon Junction

Media can lead

Television and other mass media have done much to bring down barriers that prevented communication between those who desire universal love and truth.

Over time, their combined talents and labor led the way in causing a tremendous decrease in racial tension and other indifferences in America.

The same media have produced and distributed products that sew discontent and confusion and immoral portrayals disguised as "western reality" within America's future and present church and political leaders and their constituents.

These media have all the resources to lead the nation back to the moral standards that God intends for us to follow. Presently, America's culture is divided, it's ideological views concerning religion and politics are what continue to divide and destroy us.

The question is, do the American people and the media have the courage, desire and moral fabric, for that degree of obedience that will reunite this once God-fearing nation?

The Rev. Calvin Banks Sr.


Obama's nose knows

The letter calling Rand Paul an exceptional copycat shows how low the liberal bottom-feeders have to troll these days in their feeble attempts to divert attention from the massive incompetence and corruption of the Obama administration.

In view of the endless stream of deception emanating from the White House, wouldn't a more appropriate piece be, "Barack Obama is an exceptional liar?" When will the mainstream press acknowledge the record pace at which the president is certainly racking up Pinocchio awards. Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room.

James McCandless

Roseville, Calif.

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