Letters to editor/election: Dec. 5

December 5, 2013 

Thomas the best choice

The only Democrat in the race to fill the Senate seat vacated by Kathy Stein is Reggie Thomas. He is a man of conviction who believes in the principles of the Democratic Party. He won't be switching his party, as his two opponents have.

Thomas believes the role of government is to serve the people. He believes that providing first-rate public education results in better jobs and a stronger economy. He graduated from Bryan Station High School and then from Dartmouth and Harvard Law School.

Both Thomas and his wife, Lynda, are strong advocates for quality public education. He has been the president of the Bryan Station PTA and was a member of the planning committee for building the new school. He's been a trustee of the Bluegrass Community and Technical College. He currently teaches at Kentucky State University.

Vote for Thomas, the best choice for public education and good government.

Esther and Sid Webb


Moloney listens

I support Richard Moloney, whom I have known for many years. He has proven himself in the service of the Lexington community and is a candidate who takes the time to listen and understand the needs of his constituents.

Moloney is a person of principle, not contentious ideology. He is perceptive and open-minded. There is not another candidate running who has shown as much dedication to public service as Moloney.

I urge you to vote for Moloney in the special election Tuesday.

Mike Moore, M.D.


Dedicated Democrat

I have known Reggie Thomas' family for more than three decades. His mother and I served on the YWCA board together, his wife and my daughter were colleagues at KET and I have worked with Thomas for the Democratic Party for nearly a decade. They all have worked hard to make Fayette County a better community.

Thomas has always been more than a competent leader and a dedicated worker who has a strong desire to work for the public good. His commitment to community service and his stated platform demonstrate his sincere desire to do what is best for the people he will represent.

Thomas is qualified to become an outstanding state senator based on his education, professional experience and community service. We can be confident that he will be there for us when we send him to Frankfort on Tuesday to fill the vacancy created by our former Democratic senator, Kathy Stein.

Betsy Farley


Johnson sincere, caring

Recently I met a gentleman running for the state Senate who perhaps is one of the most sincere and caring individuals to run for office I've ever met.

His name is Michael Johnson, affectionally known as "Big Mike," because he is a giant of a man. Johnson has been working with troubled youth in our community through his contacts with the family court system and Hands On Ministry.

When the legislature is in session, he is employed as the chief doorkeeper, in charge of security for our senators. This experience and the love our state senators of both parties have for him will help him tremendously when it comes to serving our community.

I plan on casting my vote for Big Mike and hope some people reading this letter will also vote that way Tuesday.

Edward Norton


Democratic lies

A 13th Senate District flier from the Kentucky Democratic Party includes half-truths and lies, repeatedly.

It called Richard Moloney, our Independent candidate, a Republican. Moloney is not a Republican.

Democratic nominee Reggie Thomas may suffer from memory problems about leaving the University of Kentucky in the 1980s and he just recently became a resident of the district. Is he aware that Moloney served seven terms as 11th District councilman, was a lifelong Democrat and was raised and resides in the district?

Running as an Independent, Moloney may avoid the Mitch McConnell gridlock style.

In 2008, Gov. Steve Beshear appointed Moloney commissioner of housing, building and construction. Then Mayor Jim Gray named him chief administrative officer, later moving him to enviromental quality and public works, filling an urgent need. Moloney served long and effectively for citizens, regardless of political affiliation.

We need an independent leader like Moloney for our senator.

Margaret Long


Public, not self-serving

I try to be an active citizen and voter because I want good government and believe I should do my part to make that happen.

So, what's good government?

For me, it means electing representatives who are public-serving, not self-serving. Their decisions are well-informed and thoughtful, their behavior is ethical and trustworthy, they work to improve education and the economy, to safeguard our health and safety, to protect our children and the frail among us.

They seek justice and equality. They exhibit competence, intelligence and depth of knowledge.

I don't know the two formerly Democratic candidates in the upcoming special election for the 13th District Senate seat, but I do know Democrat Reggie Thomas well enough to assure voters who also want good government that he will be public-serving, not self-serving.

Please cast your vote on Tuesday for Thomas.

Ann Garrity


Good to be Independent

I've had the pleasure of working with Richard Moloney when he served for many years on the city council and as state commissioner of housing, building and construction and then again as Mayor Jim Gray's chief administrative officer and also the city's commissioner of public works and environmental quality.

I found him to be hard-working, honest and a man of his word.

Moloney's experience at both the local and state levels and his administrative experience will serve the 13th Senate District well. Please consider him when you go vote on Tuesday.

As an Independent, Moloney will not be beholden to the Democrats or the Republicans and in today's political climate that's a very good thing.

Emma Tibbs


Legal, academic qualities

When distance-learning technology was made available to instructors and professors at Kentucky State University, some teachers decided to stay in their comfort zone with traditional methods.

Reggie Thomas was not in that group. He chose to learn the new technology so he could not only teach criminal-justice courses to students on campus, but simultaneously to students at satellite classrooms in adjacent counties.

Thomas was sensitive to the needs of students, regardless of age, ethnicity or gender. He was fair and firm, welcomed questions and enjoyed exchanges with students.

Many good men and women avoid seeking public office because of the unpleasantness sometimes associated with political campaigns.

When a citizen with extensive experience in academia and the legal system is courageous enough to toss his hat into the ring, we should support him. Consider Thomas for the Kentucky Senate.

Tod Porter


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