Letters to editor: Dec. 6

December 6, 2013 

E. Ky. residents can be trained for web-based jobs

In 2013, the East Kentucky Leadership Foundation held its annual conference in Bell County. I chaired a discussion session there entitled "Building a high-tech, high-paying economy in Eastern Kentucky."

The findings from our distinguished panelists and audience are important and should be included as agenda items or topics for the new Shaping Our Appalachian Region, or SOAR, scheduled for Monday in Pikeville. Here are some of the highlights of our session:

Entrepreneurship can create jobs and revenue which will benefit the region through a stronger connection to the global economy.

New businesses providing web-based services generate the kind of high-paying jobs which are scarce in our region. Citizens and elected leaders need to think about the best way to support and expand the number of entrepreneurs in Eastern Kentucky. It would be great to hear from new entrepreneurs about what kind of help is needed.

Telework brings in jobs without the factories. Computer centers which provide workstations, high speed internet access, and video-conferencing capabilities would allow teleworkers access to training and jobs already available online.

A series of telework hubs across Eastern Kentucky would allow hundreds, maybe thousands of locals in our region to earn a livable wage. Key questions for SOAR and its attendees are where to put telehubs and how to fund them.

Working together, we can build a stronger economy and a better future in Eastern Kentucky.

Jason Belcher


Why not drug tourism?

Why couldn't Eastern Kentucky, with its rich history of pill addiction, heroin overdose and marijuana growing be the next tourist vacation spot? The drug tourist trade has blossomed in Holland, perhaps it can work here.

Of course we would have to change a few laws first, but perhaps with the right marketing and the easing of drug laws "The Amsterdam of the Appalachians" could come to fruition.

Norman E. Goldie Jr.

Mount Sterling

Thomas for Senate

On Tuesday there is a special state Senate election in Lexington. I like Reggie Thomas, the Democratic candidate. He will fight hard for better schools, more jobs and better health care. He has served our neighborhoods, our schools, including Bryan Station, and our business community as a Democrat for 30 years, and will serve the 13th District with the same idealism and hard work.

His opponents include an Independent who says he may vote with Republicans, and who has received far more Republican donations than anyone else, but who also says he is a Democrat. As a voter in the 13th District, I don't want a candidate who hides how he is going to vote. I'm voting for Thomas.

Bob Layton


Moloney for Senate

Richard Moloney knows Lexington and knows its needs. He is the Senate candidate to get the most for the university and revitalize our city center. As council member, Moloney helped institute the University of Kentucky's "Live-Where-You-Work" housing support, the "three-strikes" party plan and many protections for our vulnerable older neighborhoods. He knows that the city flourishes when we make decent living a public priority.

In tough budget times, he fought to acquire Picadome for city parkland; later its added sewer capacity made the University of Kentucky hospital expansion possible.

No one was ever better at mastering the practical details of a problem. He does his research, he's good with budgets and he talks directly to the people who most need to be heard and heeded: the experts, the citizens, the suffering, the stakeholders. We need Moloney's compassionate leadership in Frankfort.

Amy Clark


Pick Democratic values

In Tuesday's special election for state senator, Democrats must choose to continue the tradition of progressive representation we've enjoyed from such outstanding senators as Ernesto Scorsone and Kathy Stein.

Therefore, the Fayette County Young Democrats are proud to support the candidacy of Reggie Thomas.

We've had the great privilege to work with Thomas and can testify to his strong commitment to progressive values. His commitment to ensuring the election of Democratic candidates is unparalleled. You would be hard pressed to find someone as committed to an open, fair and equitable society as Thomas.

The Independent opponent has been touting his lifelong commitment to the party in recent literature. However, in a Nov. 18 CN2 interview, Richard Moloney said he was unsure which party he will caucus with, if elected.

If we cannot trust which party Moloney will caucus with, can we trust where he will stand in promoting our values?

Andrea Ewen and Clint Morris

President and vice president, County Young Democrats

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