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Letters to the editor: Dec. 7

December 7, 2013 

No kidding, adult cable content accessible to tots

I want Time Warner Cable to quit pointing a gun at my kindergartner and showing breasts to my four-year-old.

If you have kids and cable in Lexington, you may have witnessed the content of the OnDemand Channel where Time Warner has provided a place made for preschool aged (and under) children to access their programming such as Sesame Street, Barney and Mickey Mouse.

Yet the company is showing sexual and violent images where kids' programming is accessed. It could easily make a new access point with kid-friendly commercials.

The Urban County Council is taking feedback from the community as the contract with Time Warner is set to be renewed. The first public hearing will be 6 p.m. Monday in council chambers at the Government Center. If you have ever yelled "close your eyes" to your kids, or perhaps closed your own eyes, while trying to access Dora the Explorer, please sign my petition on change.org. Please leave your name and an email.

Shelby Lynn Marshall


Cynics blame Obama

According to Sen. Rand Paul, one person is to blame for the loss of coal-related jobs in Kentucky: Barack Obama. Wow. To have caused a recession (even before becoming president) that reduced demand for coal-based electricity. To have created vast new quantities of cheaper, cleaner natural gas. To have overseen decade after decade of coal mining job losses prior to 2009. Impressive. He can probably also leap over ravaged Eastern Kentucky mountaintops in a single bound.

I guess Paul had only a limited chance to bond with the working people attending the coal rally in Washington. Not enough time to explain his acceptance of campaign contributions from the American Bankers Association, a lobby for tax breaks for banks and for harsher bankruptcy laws. Nor enough time to discuss his contributions from Alliance Resource Partners, a company repeatedly cited by federal mine safety officials (Rep. Andy Barr's "unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats" perhaps) for violations of mining safety laws.

The cynicism and cruelty of telling desperate people their jobs will be saved if only that bad man in the White House disappears is almost too much to absorb. But I think I've finally got it - Obama wages war on coal while Paul and his ilk wage war on coal miners.

Robert Shimer


Not for war metaphor

You've probably heard that the University of Kentucky recently received a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for research into carbon capture from coal-fired power plants That sounds like good news, doesn't it?

So, why all this loose talk from some politicians about a "war on coal"? What's left out of their war talk are the other causes of coal's problems in the marketplace.

Advances in shale technology are lowering the price of natural gas. Competition for other energy sources is ramping up too. Wind power recently achieved its growth projections for the next decade in just two years. Solar power installations have doubled since 2010.

Together, these two industries employ about 200,000 Americans, more than the coal industry. Manufacture of green-energy equipment in our country is growing rapidly. More is being fabricated domestically and less is being imported.

Does anyone really think we can restore coal's marketability by relaxing our clean air standards? Surely not. Those who really care about saving coal industry jobs will tackle all of these challenges.

I find it amusing that these war metaphors are coming from old polticians who got exemptions from military service for themselves back in the days of the draft. They weren't exactly patriots when they were young. But today, they're chest-pounding war hawks.

Tom Louderback


Moloney rejected party

As a county commissioner, I join 17 other elected officials, including Gov. Steve Beshear, in endorsing Democrat Reggie Thomas as a worthy successor to Kathy Stein in the state Senate.

Independent Richard Moloney claims that party officials chose Thomas without considering other candidates.

But the truth is that, before Democratic leaders unanimously elected Thomas, they reviewed several candidates' résumés, consulted with hundreds of volunteers and invited all candidates to present their cases.

So the Democratic Party did not exclude Moloney; he snubbed the party four times: by refusing to present his case, by misrepresenting how we elected Thomas, by re-registering as an Independent and by saying he might caucus with the Republicans.

Bizarrely, both of Thomas' opponents changed their party registrations to run in this election. We have enough shape-changing politicians. Please cast a historic vote for lifelong Democrat Thomas on Tuesday.

Rick Meadows



Community experience and Democratic loyalty

The voters of the 13th Senate District know me. I grew up in a neighborhood off of Georgetown Street, graduated from Bryan Station High School, earned a scholarship to Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School, and chose to come home to Lexington to raise my family.

I've practiced law and worked in higher education in Kentucky for over 33 years and have served on a variety of boards, including Commerce Lexington and Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

My breadth of experiences and deep connections with the district qualify me as the better candidate to represent the 13th Senate District.

In addition, I will be immediately ready to work in Frankfort because I can say unequivocally that I will caucus with the Democratic Party. I will continue to carry forward the banner of Democratic values exhibited by my predecessors Kathy Stein and Ernesto Scorsone.

Like them, I will work to enact legislation that offers protection, fairness and equality to all people.

Gov. Steve Beshear and the Kentucky Education Association, the Women's Network, the Kentucky Fairness Campaign and the Kentucky AFL-CIO have endorsed me because I will be a hard-working, progressive and effective voice for the 13th Senate district.

I will work with Beshear in the critical areas of education and job development. And I will join fellow Democrats as an advocate for a strong Kentucky economy and education system — from pre-K to UK — that are crucial to a better life in Fayette County and Kentucky.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday.

Reggie Thomas

Democratic candidate, 13th Senate seat

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