Kroger on Euclid seeks to put pharmacy in Premier Home Video building

jpatton1@herald-leader.comDecember 11, 2013 

The Kroger on Euclid Avenue will close at 6 p.m. March 15. Kroger had thought about putting a temporary pharmacy on site or tried reaching an agreement to use the video rental building up the street, but those plans were ultimately scuttled.

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Kroger is negotiating to keep its Euclid Avenue pharmacy open while the store is demolished and rebuilt.

That might be good news for pharmacy customers, but it probably will mean the loss of another neighborhood business: Premier Home Video, one of the last video stores in Lexington.

"While meeting with various neighborhood groups about the project, we repeatedly heard concerns about where our customers could refill their prescriptions during the construction," said Tim McGurk, spokesman for Cincinnati-based Kroger's mid-South division. "To address this concern, our real estate team is in discussion with Premier Home Video about the possibility to use that location as a temporary pharmacy."

McGurk could not say exactly when the pharmacy might move to the building at Euclid and South Ashland avenues.

The planned 86,000-square-foot Kroger is to be built sometime next year. The expanded store, which is to have rooftop parking, received approval from the city in November despite objections from many residents that it would be too big.

Bobby Jefferson, one of the owners of Premier Home Video, said there is "no set timetable" for the business to close, and that it would be difficult to start a new video store elsewhere.

Jefferson said the Kroger building contract is not a done deal.

"We've been talking to them about it, but we do not have a deal," Jefferson said.

McGurk said in a statement that the plan for the new store is unique for Kroger.

"We are excited to be bringing this to Lexington and to the Chevy Chase neighborhood," he said. "It is more important for the neighborhood that we get this project right than it is for us to do it in a hurry. So, while there are no exact time lines yet, we do hope to begin construction sometime in the first half of 2014."

If a deal is struck, the pharmacy plan would be temporary, but the change is likely to be permanent for the video store, which has operated for more than two decades under one name or another.

"That means we would be forced to close," store manager Terri Robbins said. "We don't have a lot of say-so in it. There's no place to move that location at this point because we're like dinosaurs now. It would be extremely difficult to start over fresh.

"After that one closes, we will be the only one left, out here in Hartland," she said, referring to the Premier Home Video store at 4750 Hartland Parkway.

It is unclear what would happen to the store once the Kroger is rebuilt. McGurk did not comment on the possibility that it would eventually become a Kroger Wine and Spirits store. The current Kroger on Euclid doesn't have a separate entrance for liquor and wine sales, as required by state law.

Herald-Leader staff writer Cheryl Truman contributed to this report. Janet Patton: (859) 231-3264. Twitter: @janetpattonhl.

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