Fast Break: How Kentucky beat Belmont

December 21, 2013 Updated 5 hours ago

A quick summary of Kentucky's 93-80 victory over Belmont in Rupp Arena on Saturday:


A lively and packed Rupp Arena crowd was restless early as UK seemed content to settle for a three-point shootout and Belmont led 10-6. Drew Windler's fourth three-pointer put Belmont up 18-12 at 10:39. A 13-2 run continued as Belmont got easy baskets and led 25-14. Jarrod Polson led a late-half 9-0 UK run and Belmont led 43-41 at the break. Playing a lineup that included Polson, Dominique Hawkins and Aaron Harrison, Kentucky methodically moved ahead. Belmont could not match up with Julius Randle while Aaron Harrison provided scoring punch, and it was 66-57. Kentucky struggled delivering a knockout punch but was able to close it out.


■ Randle and Willie Cauley-Stein both took 10 shots. Both hit eight.

■ Andrew Harrison (foul trouble) played 20 minutes without an assist.

■ Randle took 19 foul shots. Belmont took 13.

■ Kentucky hit 64 percent from the field in the second half.

■ Belmont had six rebounds in the second half.

■ For the first time, Dakari Johnson did not play. Calipari said it was a bad matchup.

■ On the game's first two possessions, Kentucky missed two three-pointers (one by Randle) while Belmont hit two.

■ Belmont grabbed seven of the first 10 rebounds.

■ Derek Willis (two minutes in last six games) entered at 11:57 of the first half. It took him less than 20 seconds to snag a rebound, he played three minutes and did not return.

■ In Belmont's two games before coming to Rupp, it lost by 13 to South Dakota State and 28 to Denver.

■ Polson had not played more than seven minutes in a game all year. He played 13 in the first half.

■ UK's first lead came with 16:20 left.

■ In UK's first five games, Randle had 22 or more points four times. In the six games prior to scoring 29 against Belmont, his high was 17.


■ Polson brought needed energy and ball movement to UK; Dominique Hawkins added toughness.

■ Aaron Harrison (18 second-half points and a season-high seven assists) is putting it together.


■ Does this team read the scouting report? Drew Windler entered the game hitting 56 percent of his three-pointers, then put four on UK early in the game.

■ Belmont outrebounded UK early and was within three boards of UK at the half. That should not happen.

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