Talk to us: What is the best song about Kentucky?

December 23, 2013 

20100507 Kentucky Home

300 dpi Chris Ware color illustration of Kentucky Derby racehorse, jockey singing "My Old Kentucky Home." Lexington Herald-Leader 2010

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What is the best song ever written about Kentucky? We want your opinion.

Other states — say, Texas and California — have had thousands of songs written about them, but Kentucky has its fair share. Are you partial to Blue Moon of Kentucky? Do you think My Old Kentucky Home is the best state song ever? We want to hear from you.

Tell us what you think are the best songs written about the Bluegrass State. They don't have to be written or performed by a Kentuckian. The songs must be about our lovely state in general; a specific place, person or thing in Kentucky; or a particular aspect of Bluegrass culture.

Email us your picks, along with a brief explanation of why you like them so much, to (subject line: "Best Kentucky songs"). Please include your name, where you live and a daytime phone number. The deadline is Jan. 10.

We will use your suggestions, and maybe even your comments, for a feature this winter.

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