Smashing! Borrowed or bought, clothing choices just come together for Andrea Sims

hhendren@herald-leader.comFebruary 7, 2014 

The past few snowy, dreary weeks have been a real test for the stylish among us. Jimmy Choo heels are ridiculous on slush-filled streets. Prada is put away for safekeeping until the spring thaw. But Lexington artist and restaurateur Andrea Sims doesn't let a few snow drifts dampen her style.

Sims, who has lived in New York and France, owns the restaurant Table Three Ten and the bakery National Boulangerie with her French husband, Krim Boughalem.

On Monday, she wore a fabulous mix of high-end pieces and unique designs. Sims is not one to follow the latest trends and instead has collected favorite items throughout the years.

"I don't even know the designers that well," she says.

But she does have go-to pieces. "I always wear skirts. When people see me in pants, they're shocked," she says.

Hosiery too, is a favorite accessory.

"Tights have been my signature for a really long time," she says. "I've been picking up tights all over for years and years and years.

"Whenever I wear them, people ask me where I got them, but I have no idea, and some of them I'm sure that I've had them for 10 years."

Sims wore a bold red lip on Monday. She favors a long-lasting color. The drugstore is her favorite place to shop for makeup.

Her hair is constantly changing.

"It's been pretty short recently, but I went through a period for a while where I dyed it black and I dyed it brown. ... Naturally it's blond, but I get bored.

"When I was in New York, it was great when it was blond because it was different from everybody, and then I moved back here and everybody had blond hair and I felt so humdrum. And I dyed it black."

What she wore

Scarf and hat: Have a husband with a great fashion sense? Maybe he'll share his clothes. Sims' fur hat, gloves and Dolce & Gabbana scarf were borrowed from her husband.

Jacket: Burberry fitted puffer with zipper accents, from several seasons ago. A gift from her husband.

Earrings: A birthday gift from a friend.

Skirt: Pinstripe and straight. "One of those things I've probably had for 10 years, 15 years," she says.

Boots: Bought about 10 years ago during a trip to Canada. "It was actually in the middle of the summer, but for some reason I fell in love with them. And we lived in New York at the time, so you have to have warm boots for New York."

Tights: They're Sims' signature look, she says. To add interest to her skirt, she wore lacy hosiery. "They make a skirt more interesting; that's what I like about tights," she says. "Otherwise it can get kind of boring."

Favorite products: For makeup, Sims favors drugstore brands. As for body products, "I'm not super-picky," she says. "I use Kiehl's when I have it. Moisturizer, shampoo, all of it. I love Kiehl's."

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