Unusual sick calls

February 15, 2014 

Here are some of the more unusual sick calls that Lexington firefighters have responded to over the past year:

  • A woman at Wal-Mart called for help because a "special government organization is injecting her with radiation."
  • A man who drank a pint of vodka was taken to a hospital. "His chief complaint is he was hit in the head with a fist."
  • A woman called for an ambulance because she reportedly was "intoxicated and stuck on the toilet."
  • A Lexington man was taken to a hospital after drinking a pint of whiskey and firing a shotgun in his house.
  • EMTs went to a house where a person saw a spider and was "flipping out." Possibly drug related.
  • A man reported that he had swollen lips, possibly from smoking cheap cigars.
  • A man taken to a hospital reportedly had consumed 3.5 gallons of vodka and a couple grams of crack cocaine.
  • A woman reported injuring herself "planking on a bar stool."
  • A man fell down six or seven steps on an escalator. He had some scrapes and bruises. He had been drinking.
  • A man reported that he thought he broke his hand. He had punched a wall.

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