Swimming: Paul Dunbar owns combined title at Region 5 meet

mmaloney@herald-leader.comFebruary 15, 2014 

  • At Stivers Aquatic and Wellness Center

    Combined Team Scores

    Paul Laurence Dunbar 716; Henry Clay 550; Lafayette 498; Madison Central 488; Tates Creek 476; Lexington Catholic 349; Model Laboratory 266; Lexington Christian Academy 210; Sayre 145; Montgomery Co. 139; Bryan Station 126; North Laurel 100; Johnson Central 69; Madison Southern 64; Clark Co. 59; (tie) Knox Co. and Barbourville 51; Rockcastle Co. 48; Corbin 40; South Laurel 20; Pulaski Co. 18; Southwestern 17; Paris 6.


    Team scores: Paul Laurence Dunbar 342; Lexington Catholic 287; Madison Central 284; Henry Clay 281; Lafayette 248; Tates Creek 202; Lexington Christian Academy 122; Model Laboratory 94; Bryan Station 88; Sayre 79; Rockcastle Co. 48; Montgomery Co. 39; Madison Southern 35; North Laurel 34; Clark Co. 21; South Laurel 20; Knox Co. 17; Johnson Central 16; Corbin 14; Southwestern 9; Pulaski Co. 4.

    200-yard medley relay: Madison Central (Abby Thompson, Hadley Neal, Makenzie Burford, Molly Ford) 1:51.16; Dunbar (Sydney Toth, Kiali Jelinek, Cora Harter, Sarah Phillips) 1:53.03; Henry Clay (Eleanor Clifton, Hannah Freibert, Olivia Burchett, Margaret Clifton) 1:53.68.

    200 freestyle: Lauren Denham (PLD) 1:55.87; Celene Steele (LexCath) 1:56.95; Emily Davis (LCA) 1:57.38.

    200 individual medley: Morgan Lakes (Madison Cent.) 2:09.63; Paige Ezell (LexCath) 2:12.69; Hannah Freibert (HClay) 2:14.07.

    50 freestyle: Kyrie Dobson (Lafayette) 23.51 (breaks meet record of 23.77 set by Kriston Wilson, PLD, 2010); Mallory Shake (TCreek) 24.41; Molly Ford (Madison Cent.) 24.59.

    100 butterfly: Madison Winstead (PLD) 56.59; Lauren Denham (PLD) 59.45; Lauren Shepherd (Model) 1:00.08.

    100 freestyle: Kyrie Dobson (Lafayette) 51.60; Mallory Shake (TCreek) 54.07; Abigail Wrightson (Lafayette) 54.31.

    500 freestyle: Morgan Lakes (Madison Cent.) 5:14.43; Emily Davis (LCA) 5:14.69; Tilly Baldwin (Madison Cent.) 5:18.48.

    200 freestyle relay: Lafayette (Haley Todd, Abigail Wrightson, Lauren Mehanna, Kyrie Dobson) 1:38.49 (breaks meet record of 1:39.05 set by Dunbar in 2010); Tates Creek (Jessie Blackwell, Emma Ivey, SheAyre Bowles, Mallory Shake) 1:41.39; Madison Central (Makenzie Burford, Hadley Neal, Madeline Meeker, Morgan Lakes) 1:43.28.

    100 backstroke: Sydney Toth (PLD) 58.67; Abby Thompson (Madison Cent.) 1:00.81; Lauren Smarko (LexCath) 1:01.56.

    100 breaststroke: Madison Winstead (PLD) 1:03.24; Hannah Freibert (HClay) 1:07.29; Paige Ezell (LexCath) 1:08.52.

    400 freestyle relay: Dunbar (Lauren Denham, Sydney Toth, Courtney Younger, Madison Winstead) 3:35.01 (breaks meet record of 3:35.58 set by Dunbar in 2010); Lafayette (Haley Todd, Emma Lloyd, Abigail Wrightson, Kyrie Dobson) 3:35.59; Lexington Catholic (Lauren Smarko, Paige Ezell, Lily Iler, Celene Steele) 3:43.64.

    1-meter diving (Wednesday at Transylvania): Flanary Patterson (Madison So.) 353.10; Elana Ehl (HClay) 340.95; Abby Cox (LexCath) 324.60.

    All-Region: Morgan Lakes and Molly Ford (Madison Cent.); Lauren Denham, Madison Winstead and Sydney Toth (PLD); Kyrie Dobson (Lafayette); Flanary Patterson (Madison So.); Mallory Shake (TCreek); Hannah Freibert (HClay).

    Outstanding competitor: Kyrie Dobson, Lafayette

    Outstanding coach: Katie Sallee, Lafayette

    Tim Cahill Performance (high-point) Award: Madison Winstead, PLD.

    Sportsmanship Award: Jessica Pope, Knox Central


    Team scores: Paul Laurence Dunbar 374; Tates Creek 274; Henry Clay 269; Lafayette 250; Madison Central 204; Model Laboratory 172; Montgomery Co. 100; Lexington Christian Academy 88; (tie) North Laurel and Sayre 66; Lexington Catholic 62; Johnson Central 53; Barbourville 51; (tie) Clark Co. and Bryan Station 38; Knox Co. 34; Madison Southern 29; Corbin 26; Pulaski Co. 14; Southwestern 8; Paris 6.

    200-yard medley relay: Tates Creek (Ethan Kramer, Ethan Curl, Landon Clark, Stone Sellers) 1:38.53; Dunbar (Hayden Janes, Christopher Stein, Adam Harter, Brooks Marquette) 1:38.83; Madison Central (Chase Baldwin, John Babuka, Mitchell Collins, Trent Lakes) 1:39.20.

    200 freestyle: Ethan Curl (TCreek) 1:42.62; Ethan Kramer (TCreek) 1:43.93; Hayden Janes (PLD) 1:45.15.

    200 individual medley: Chase Baldwin (Madison Cent.) 1:55.93; Lucas Dobson (Lafayette) 1:56.36; Christopher Stein (PLD) 1:59.39.

    50 freestyle: Andrew Freibert (HClay) 22.07; Alexander Phipps (Barbourville) 22.25; Brooks Marquette (PLD) 22.35.

    100 butterfly: Landon Clark (TCreek) 52.97; Mitchell Collins (Madison Cent.) 53.12; Chase Baldwin (Madison Cent.) 53.32.

    100 freestyle: Andrew Freibert (HClay) 48.00; Alexander Phipps (Barbourville) 48.95; Brooks Marquette (PLD) 49.30.

    500 freestyle: Ethan Curl (TCreek) 4:38.02 (breaks own meet record of 4:38.32 set in Friday's prelims); James Schwartz (Model) 4:51.12; Scotty Street (HClay) 4:51.44.

    200 freestyle relay: Lafayette (Lucas Dobson, Edward Freeman, Michael Haymes, Kyler Johnson) 1:29.54; Dunbar (Brooks Marquette, Adam Harter, Wesley Siebenthaler, Cameron YoungerO 1:29.75; Model (Jack Miller, Sam Shepherd, Christopher Jackson, James Schwartz) 1:30.91.

    100 backstroke: Ethan Kramer (TCreek) 52.58; Landon Clark (TCreek) 53.85; Ben Pierce (LexCath) 53.92.

    100 breaststroke: Mitchell Collins (Madison Cent.) 1:00.58; Lucas Dobson (Lafayette) 1:00.70; John Babuka (Madison Cent.) 1:01.24.

    400 freestyle relay: Henry Clay (Jack Humphries, Zachary Byrd, Genghis Goodman, Andrew Freibert) 3:14.38; Tates Creek (Ethan Kramer, Landon Clark, Stone Sellers, Ethan Curl) 3:14.67; Lafayette (Lucas Dobson, Edward Freeman, Christian Casey, Kyler Johnson) 3:15.92.

    1-meter diving (Wednesday at Transylvania): Michael Binkauskas (LCA) 344.25; Jaxon Ketcham (Barbourville) 286.85; Alex Janes (PLD) 279.05.

    All-Region: Chase Baldwin and Mitchell Collins (Madison Cent.); Ethan Curl, Landon Clark and Ethan Kramer (TCreek); Andrew Freibert (HClay), Michael Binkauskas (LCA); Lucas Dobson (Lafayette); Hayden Janes (PLD).

    Outstanding competitor: Ethan Curl, Tates Creek

    Outstanding coach: Dave Doolin, Tates Creek

    Sportsmanship Award: Alexander Phipps, Barbourville

BARBOURVILLE — Paul Laurence Dunbar once again found a way to rule Saturday's Region 5 Swimming and Diving Meet at Stivers Aquatic and Wellness Center.

The Bulldogs piled up 716 points to win their seventh consecutive combined title and their 13th in 14 years.

Dunbar's girls won their fifth region title in a row with 342 points, while the Bulldog boys won their third straight with 374.

"Just feeding off what we did last year," Coach Sydney Witzky said. "We just have a good tradition at this meet. We get really fired up for this meet, preparing them, letting them know 'Hey, we've got a reputation we've got to defend here, so we've got to go out there and swim fast, swim like you mean it and let's qualify as many people to State as possible.'"

The top two in each event qualify for the Pannell Swim Shop/KHSAA State Swimming and Diving Meet, Feb. 27-March 1, at the University of Louisville. Also, the next 22 top performers from each of five regional meets will qualify.

High-point scorer Madison Winstead led Dunbar's girls, winning the 100-yard butterfly and 100 breaststroke, and anchoring the first-place 400 freestyle relay.

The latter event provided one of the more exciting finishes as Lafayette's Kyrie Dobson nearly caught Winstead.

"That girl, Kyrie, she's a monster," Winstead said. "I mean, she's gone faster than some of these boys are splitting so I kept telling my relay 'I need three seconds! I need three seconds!' Give her 10 more yards, she would have won. We just put a little faith in my teammates, and our goal was we had to have a good seed time for State no matter what happens."

That they got, winning in a region-record 3:35.01 to Lafayette's 3:35.59.

Dunbar's other wins came from Lauren Denham in the 200 freestyle and Sydney Toth in the 100 backstroke.

About the only thing that didn't go Dunbar's way was the 200 freestyle relay. The Bulldogs were disqualified for an early takeoff on the anchor leg.

Dobson was, indeed, a monster. Named the outstanding female competitor, she defended her titles in the 50 and 100 freestyles, clocking a meet-record 23.51 in the short sprint. She also anchored the Generals to a meet-record 1:38.49 win in the 200 free relay.

"It wasn't my best time, but I was hoping to get the record," she said. "And I had a bunch of my (club) teammates chasing me, so it really helped."

Also notching double wins was Morgan Lakes of Madison Central, in the 200 individual medley and the 500-yard freestyle.

"Both of them were great wins," she said, "and I had great competition in both: Paige Ezell (of Lexington Catholic) in the 200 I.M. and Emily Davis (of Lexington Christian) in the 500."

Dunbar's boys' team title came even though the Bulldogs didn't win an event. Their best finishes were seconds in the 200 medley and 200 freestyle relays.

Tates Creek's Ethan Curl earned the male outstanding competitor award. He defended titles in the 200 and 500 freestyles, breaking his own meet record in the long-distance event with a time of 4:38.02. That knocked three-tenths of a second off the mark he established in Friday's preliminaries.

"It was good. I tried something different from my prelim swim," he said. "I went out a little bit slower than yesterday because I was trying to get under 4:35. ... But it's just all getting ready for State."

Curl also swam on the winning 200 medley relay and second-place 400 freestyle relay.

Also chalking up two individual wins was Andrew Freibert of Henry Clay, who captured the 50 and 100 freestyles.

"They're about equal: I kind of do the same in each event, so it's good to have both," he said.

Freibert also anchored the winning 400 freestyle relay and led off the fourth-place 200 free relay.

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