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Education notes: Feb. 18

February 17, 2014 


■ About 300 middle school students comprise the 2014 Fayette County Honor Bands, which will be in concert at 2 p.m. April 12 in Henry Clay High School's gym. Monica Crowder will guide the sixth-grade band, hosted April 10 and11 by Tates Creek Middle School; Greg Lyons will lead the seventh-graders at host school Southern Middle; and Scott Atchison will lead the eighth-grade band, hosted by Bryan Station High School.

Sixth-grade band: Beaumont Middle: Mikayla Watson, oboe; Olivia Doyle, Lynne Grace Wooden and Joselyn Jackson, flute; Matthew Goodrich, Isabella Schweighardt, Sahory Santiago, Eleanor Davis, Evelyn Martinez and Carolyn Swartzentruber, clarinet; Steven Jordan, bass clarinet; Ben Cline and Nick Browning, alto saxophone; Brice Taylor, baritone saxophone 6; Mick Jenkins, Jonathan Givens and Samuel Scott, trumpet; Grace Caudill, Patrick Stiltner, Nathan Buck and Zach Smith, French horn; Tozcha Bean and Nate Meade, trombone; Kenneth Henderson and Josh Hinton, baritone; Tyler Jones and Anthony Mondelli, tuba; Golden Mashindi, percussion; Nascia Phillips, and Mason Curtis, bassoon.

Bryan Station Middle: Mason Gohde, clarinet; James Robinson, trumpet; Benjamin Byars, trombone; Seth Caise, tuba.

Edythe J. Hayes: Rhiannon Livingood, flute; Sophie Wiatrowski, Trinity Robinson and Ellie Kiper, clarinet; Faith Smith, alto saxophone; Kiarah Raglin, tenor saxophone; Ethan Gamble, Aman Giri, Jillian Privott and Jacob Mangas, trumpet; John Jackson, tuba; Emily Jones and Wade Chapman, percussion.

Jessie Clark Middle: Grace Hughes and Cassandra Davis, flute; Mizuho Atarashi and Isabella Sage, clarinet; Catron Arnold, bass clarinet; Spencer Stadstad, Hunter Sexton and Cole Murphy, trumpet.

Leestown Middle: Jurneee Turley, clarinet.

Lexington Traditional Magnet: Jenna Fugazzi, clarinet; Jacob Gravitt, baritone saxophone 6; Joseph Ashworth, trombone.

Morton Middle School: Natalie Hayslip, flute; Makyra Ross, Isabelle Blackman, Shaunte Stone and Morgan Bryant, clarinet; Jack Savage, alto saxophone; Ehmauri Tucker, tenor saxophone; Wil Walters, baritone saxophone 6; Veda Moore, Lauren Haughey and Kennedy Cole, trumpet; David Schneider, French horn; Mekhiya Wheeler, trombone; Elijah Sizemore, baritone; Dallas Care, tuba; Clay Fiscus, percussion.

SCAPA at Bluegrass: Sarah Perry and Fiona Farrer, oboe; Shannon James and Angie Xiao, flute; Eleanor Scripps, Taylor Moorhead and Hillary Johnson, clarinet; Drew Newsome, tenor saxophone; Jacqueline Mullins, French horn; Eli Lane and Ethan Whitaker, trombone; Abby Denison, baritone; Cole Whitehead and Toby Rasmussen, percussion; Delaney Rayens, bassoon.

Southern Middle: Ian Dingle, clarinet. Tates Creek Middle: Ashley Su and Ally Watrous, flute; Parker Smith and Adam Fernandez, trumpet; Luke Dailey, trombone; Neal Henderson, tuba.

Winburn Middle School: Vivian Rudd, flute; Aaron Geiger and Brian She, clarinet; Michael Fraley, bass clarinet; Rocco Wrentmore, trumpet.

Seventh-grade band: Beaumont Middle: Caitlinn Ellis, Hannah Wesley Yoomee Kim, Jenna Woolums, and Elisabeth Rintamaa, flute; Emily Cooper, David Perez, Mackenzie Stahl, Jessica Smoot, Josh Dutta, Chase Faulkner, and Jacinda Gaines, clarinet; Alisa Everhart and Preston Stephens, bass clarinet; Juan Gonzales, alto saxophone; James Phillips, baritone saxophone; Jacob Caudill, Alex Macias and Julia Clements, trumpet; Shamik Chandrachood, Doug Wright and Allissa Robbins, French horn; Jason Law and Hannah King, trombone; Parker Langley and Jaleel Muhammad, baritone; William Christy, tuba; Zach Killian, Asher Williams, Grace Hensley and Romy Anfous, percussion; Shayla Anaskevich, bassoon.

Bryan Station Middle: Andrew Swisher, alto saxophone; Jacob Tellman, trumpet; Jack Marletta, trombone.

Crawford Middle: Austin Murray, trumpet.

Edythe J. Hayes Middle: Madison Rosenkrantz and Rachel Harding, flute; Jakiya Adams, Lucas Etter, Abby Sirrine, Savanah Koerner and Malorie Hall, clarinet; Nathan Baldwin, alto saxophone; Gabriel Rivera and Christian Hash, trombone; Lillith Embury, baritone; Matthew Kingkade, Paris Triantafilou, Brady Bryant and Grant Atwell, trumpet; Juan Alexander and Alex Patterson, tuba; Erin Wiesen, French horn; Ben Sanner, percussion.

Jessie Clark Middle: Emily Shelton and Katherine Allan, oboe; Ava Tomb, bass clarinet; Alexander Hartmen, trombone; Zoe SirLouis, bassoon.

Leestown Middle: Miccah Click, trumpet; Sydney Thomason, French horn.

Lexington Traditional Magnet: Kameron Grigsby, flute; William Chapman, clarinet; Vitaliy Chubaruk, trumpet; Devin Murray, tuba.

Morton Middle: Alex Songstad, Kate Manno and Kenia Manuel, clarinet; Amaya Ross, alto saxophone; Tristan Taylor and Nick Selack, tenor saxophone; Audrey Cruser, trumpet.

SCAPA at Bluegrass: Linden Hinkle, oboe; Katie Demos, flute; Emma Guinnip, bass clarinet; Luke Pellegrino, trumpet; Valerie Langdorf, French horn; Casey Trowel, trombone; Audrey Fields, baritone; Josh Andreatta, tuba; Lauren Baker, percussion; Jamie Bradley, bassoon.

Southern Middle: Trinity Word, oboe; Andrew Pitts, percussion.

Tates Creek Middle: Eden Alqahtani, Joseph Craven, Ashley Kamb and Kaitlyn Powers, clarinet; Luke Taylor, trumpet; Catherine Donson, percussion.

Winburn Middle: Angelina Pius, oboe; Connor Holt, trombone.

Eighth-grade band: Beaumont Middle: Amy Cline, oboe; Mallori Cooper, Caitline Phan and Ansley Cooper, flute; Carlie Fugate, Alexandra Boyle and Olivia Zastro, clarinet; Hannah Tucker, bass clarinet; Sebastian Makarlan and Shea Hausman, alto saxophone; Sarah Black, tenor saxophone; Reynolds Martin, Dustin Voss, Hidetoshi Nishibori and Austin Banfield, trumpet; Rohan Palla, French horn; Luke Schuller and Jessi Sanchez, trombone; Gerardo Becerra, baritone; Jacob Rutledge, tuba; Wyatt Watson, percussion; Jack Warren, mallets.

Bryan Station Middle: Ashlin Meuser, trumpet.

Edythe J. Hayes Middle: Paige Barricklow, oboe; Elijah Pike and Megan Adams, flute; Will Roberts, clarinet; Makenzie Bartley and Eva Smith, bass clarinet; Sydney Garrett, trumpet; Brianna Starr and Lily Kaufman, French horn; Cole Privott, trombone; Mimi Bell and Mark Marji, baritone; Drew Sutton, tuba; Ryan Slayton, percussion; Michael Dixon and Chris Lucero, bassoon.

Jessie Clark Middle: Katherine Wild and Anna Sommer, flute; Emily Rampulla, clarinet; Nick Innes and Jordan Vest, alto saxophone; Brett Nguyen, Abby Berry and Rose Johnson, trumpet; Rachel Booth and Madison Bell, French horn; Austin Lancaster and Caleb Matocha, trombone; Alexander Toney, baritone.

Lexington Traditional Magnet: Kaitlin Meredith, Viridiana Sibaja and Kiera Jackson, clarinet; Ethan Ferguson and Jordan Bryson, trumpet; Annelise King, mallets.

Morton Middle: Julia D'Orazio, flute; Drew Howard, Abbie Tick and Kanny Savane, clarinet; Crystal Owens, baritone saxophone; Maddie Klumb, trombone; Jose Rodriguez, tuba; Ben Kosieniak, mallets.

SCAPA Bluegrass: Laurie Davis, oboe; Meredith Hinkle and Olivia Douglas, flute; Sylvannah Regalado, clarinet; Seth Roney, tenor saxophone; Thomas Bollinger, trumpet; John Clark Baker, French horn; Georgia Danhires, trombone; Cooper Boss, tuba; Ben Henault and Will Arnold, percussion.

Southern Middle: Hope Morrison, clarinet; Kevin Roe, tuba.

Tates Creek Middle: Rares Guica, Claire Tefler and Orko Sinha, clarinet; Hunter Cole, trumpet; Jackson Newbury, trombone; James Gooding, percussion.

Winburn Middle: David Thomas Litster and Leighanne Guettler-James, clarinet; Alex Kehler, trumpet; Matthew Mitchell, bassoon.

Greg Gorbett, an associate professor in Eastern Kentucky University's College of Justice & Safety, has been named one of the nation's Top 13 Arson Investigation Professors by

In 2006, Gorbett received the John Charles Wilson Scholarship from the International Association of Arson Investigators.

In a 60 Minutes segment on a deadly hotel fire that aired in 2013, Gorbett was cited as one of the nation's "top five fire experts." Also last year, included him in its list of the Top 10 Fire Science Instructors in the South. based its rankings on the individual's amount of field experience and arson investigation research, and the reputation of the institutions where they teach. The list can be seen at

The Bluegrass Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has selected the Fayette County Farm to School Team to receive its 2014 Award for Community Service, given to an individual or group that has promoted or enhanced the nutritional well-being of the community or has contributed significantly to the nutrition profession.

"The Fayette County Farm to School Team continues to make an impact on our students and community, and is successfully closing the relationship gap between local agriculture and the community," child nutrition director Michelle Coker wrote in the application.

The team concentrates on these three Cs — classroom, cafeteria and community — to provide education and exposure to local agriculture.

Last year, the FCPS School Nutrition Program received a $45,000 Farm to School planning grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The team is made up of many stakeholders, including, but not limited to, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, FCPS school nutrition program, FCPS sustainability leaders, classroom teachers, parents, students, farmers, The Arboretum, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Fayette County Farm Bureau, Fayette County Cooperative Extension Service, Transylvania University, UK's College of Education, Good Foods Coop and the Lexington Farmers Market.


Voices in Harmony, an a cappella festival, returns this year to Lexington Catholic High School and will feature three performance events: 7:30 p.m. Feb. 28, concert competition featuring Mister Tim; 1 p.m. March 1, competition concert with The acoUstiKats; 7:30 p.m. March 1, headliner concert featuring Delilah, The Sing Off's season 3 all- female a cappella performers, and the acoUstiKats. Go to for more information. All tickets are reserved seating. Send questions to

Training Opportunities

Sayre School's 30th annual F. Kevin Simon History Symposium for secondary history and social studies teachers will be Saturday on the Sayre campus, 194 North Limestone. This year's symposium, What's for Dinner? Food and Drink in America, features speakers Deborah Fitzgerald, MIT; Michael Veach, Filson Historical Society; and Robert Moss of Charleston, S.C. To register, contact Kelly Fleckinstein at or call (859) 254-1361. For more information, go to

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