Feb. 21: Letters to the editor

February 21, 2014 

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Lee County garage supervisors deserve the worst

Apparently the supervisors at the Kentucky Highway Department garage in Lee County never outgrew the high school bullies mentality, as evidenced by the egregious abuse they inflicted on their employees.

The Feb. 14 article said an investigation found abuse on the job, including hitting workers in the testicles, pelting each other with rocks and deliberately damaging employees' state-issued clothing with grease.

As a Kentucky citizen, I say fire them, and fire them yesterday. After that, bring them up on charges of assault and battery and violation of civil rights.

Anything less is an affront to the taxpayers of this state.

Dorothy M. Kline


GOP lies about Obama

Ever since Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, the Republican Party, Fox News, right-wing talk radio and the conservative print media have tried to discredit him.

They do it by saying untruthfully over and over again that he was not born in the United States; is a Muslim or a socialist; hates America, capitalism, white people, and is a terrible president. He is even wrecking our country with an unworkable health care program.

The GOP hurts our nation and the Republican Party by spreading the aforementioned falsehoods and should reap the consequences in the upcoming mid-term elections and 2016 presidential election.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


Doubts about poll

Isn't it curious that the two major newspapers in Kentucky and a local TV station in Lexington — all who seem to promote same-sex marriage, abortion, smoking marijuana, higher taxes, a Democratic governor and Alison Lundergan Grimes for the Senate — posted a poll of Kentucky that supports medical marijuana, higher taxes, a Democratic governor and Grimes.

Surprise, surprise. Who would have "thunk it?"

Orin M. Simmerman Jr.


Health care civilized

You can keep your insurance. What President Barack Obama said was true: You can keep your insurance if it was real insurance and not just a supplemental plan.

Yes, some plans got canceled because they did not meet the basic definition of a health plan.

The government requires that we have car insurance, workers' compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, Social Security and Medicare. It makes us all pay for schools, whether we have children or not.

Medical bills are the No. 1 reason for bankruptcy in America.

Obamacare only affects the 20 percent of Americans who do not have insurance. So what? There is no scandal here. Welcome to the 21st century where nearly every civilized country in the world has national health care.

Bill Hurt


Frankfort no help

I read with not much surprise that coal severance money is being used for Rupp Arena.

As much as I love University of Kentucky athletics, this is a travesty. Our elected representatives are responsible for fighting to stop the use of money that should all come back to coal country to fix roads and bring growth.

Harlan is dying and Frankfort seems to not care. Southeastern Kentucky keeps getting pushed to the side, and favored areas keep getting better roads and bridges.

Frankfort wants to have tourism as an industry? We have to get them in and out of the state.

Lawmakers should fight for us or let someone else who will take their places.

Mike Scott


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